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Surrogacy Lawyer

Whether you are hoping to become a single parent or you and your partner would like to have a child, surrogacy is one of the options that you may be looking into or have already determined is best for you. Surrogacy comes with many challenges, just like any fertility journey, and you might be wondering if you need to hire a lawyer when you work with a surrogate or if you can just work directly with the surrogate. While it is good (and healthy) to have a relationship with any surrogate you choose, the entire process will go much smoother when you begin working with an attorney. 

What will a surrogacy lawyer do? 

Surrogacy laws are detailed, complex, and vary depending on the state you are in. A surrogacy lawyer will understand the laws regarding the couple who is pursuing surrogacy and will also know how to protect the surrogate. Having a lawyer, like a surrogacy lawyer is absolutely necessary when you want to use a surrogate to grow your family. 

  • A lawyer ensures it is legal. When you want to do everything by the books, it may sound crazy to you that you could be pursuing something that is not legal. However, missed paperwork or a missed signature could be the difference between legal and illegal. Your lawyer will ensure everyone has signed the appropriate paperwork and that it gets to the right place on time. 
  • A lawyer can create your contract. When you work with a lawyer, they can create, review, and finalize the contract you have with your surrogate. Each party involved in this process should have their own lawyer and each lawyer will ensure their client’s needs are being met. 
  • Establishing parental rights. The final, big step after the surrogacy is completed is ensuring you and your partner have established your parental rights. It is possible that you will not automatically have rights to the baby when they are born, so you want to ensure your lawyer has done everything to make sure you have custody of the baby and the surrogate does not. 

Going through the surrogacy process should be exciting for you. You should not be concerned that a file was not sent in on time or that a signature is missing. If you are interested in working with an attorney throughout your surrogacy process, contact a local attorneys’ office today to get started.