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Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning lawyer can offer their assistance to those who would like to establish a will or a trust. They also offer many other skills and services to their clients. They are especially useful when attempting to navigate the tricky financial areas of passing on money or assets to loved ones. Along with assisting financial reasons, they also can help with assigning guardians in the event that a loved one passes on. Find out some more useful information about an estate planning lawyer, like our friends at the Theus Law Offices, in this article.

How They Can Help

As stated already, these types of lawyers are especially useful with navigating the complex laws that surround assets and finances and how they will be passed on. An estate planning lawyer can set up a will or a trust and can also offer advice on power of attorneys and what this particular role entails. Their soothing experience and guidance has assisted numerous clients with setting up their own estate plans. An estate plan can have many different things included within it, which is why it is particularly beneficial to speak with experienced professionals about a well drawn out plan.

What to Ask Them

It’s important to ask them about their experience and about the different clients they have assisted in the past. This way you can gauge their experience and ensure that they are knowledgeable about the particular aspects of estate planning that you would like to consult about. It’s important to talk to different estate planning lawyers in order to fully understand the scope of their work and experience as well. That way you can know for sure that your needs and desires are taken care of when it comes time to draft an estate plan or other important documents that accompany the estate. 

Other Things They Can Assist With

There are many other things that some of these lawyers can also assist with. They include assigning guardianship, conservatorship, issues with taxes, living wills, and more. Contact an estate planning lawyer at the Theus Law Offices today to assist with your estate planning needs. It’s important that you or your family’s estate is protected and that assets are passed on to those you wish to receive them. Setting up an estate plan will also make things easier for family members that are left behind in the wake of a loved one’s passing on.