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Probate is the legal process in which a will is proved valid in court. It can be a time-consuming process and cause a family a lot of stress, especially while they’re grieving. If your family member recently died and left an estate, it may be in your best interest to hire an estate litigation lawyer in Arlington, TX from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC.

Here are the top benefits of hiring an estate litigation lawyer.

Speed Up the Probate Process

It’s not exactly a secret that the probate process can take a long time. In fact, the process can take over a year in many cases. That means family members will have to potentially wait a long time to receive their inheritances. If you have an experienced estate litigation lawyer in Arlington, TX on your side, the process can be completed sooner. He or she will make sure all the documents are completed correctly and filed before the deadline passes. Your lawyer will also give proper notice to all necessary parties, ultimately speeding up the probate process.

Minimize Disputes

While it would be ideal if estates were distributed easily every time, this isn’t reality. If family members believe that they’re being treated unfairly in the will, they may try to challenge it in court, prolonging the probate process. An estate litigation lawyer in Arlington, TX will know how to resolve disputes early in the process to make the process as inexpensive and simple as possible for all parties involved.

Reduce Stress

When you’re grieving over a loved one, handling the probate process can be too overwhelming. If you hire an estate planning lawyer Arlington TX residents rely on, he or she will handle the probate process and take a lot of stress off your back. This will allow you to grieve properly and take care of your emotional health.

Handle Debts Properly

The deceased may have owed debts when they passed away. It’s important to take care of these debts before distributing assets to heirs. If the deceased has a complex financial situation, it might be difficult to handle these debts on your own. That’s where an estate litigation lawyer in Arlington, TX comes in. He or she will look over the debts and ensure they are handled properly.

Answer Questions

During the probate process, you’ll likely have a handful of questions. For example, you may wonder if all assets need probating or who you need to notify about the process. That’s another reason why having an estate litigation lawyer around is so important. He or she will take the time to answer all of your questions and give you a peace of mind.

If you’re getting ready to probate an estate, schedule a consultation with an estate litigation lawyer in Arlington, TX today. He or she will look over your case and provide your with valuable advice.

If you’re concerned that your loved ones will engage in in-fighting over your estate once you’re gone, please speak with an experienced estate litigation lawyer Arlington, TX residents trust. All too often, individuals only seek legal guidance from an estate litigation lawyer after a significant conflict over a deceased loved one’s estate has arisen. By being proactive with your personal estate plan, you can help to prevent in-fighting before the threat of estate-related litigation has a chance to begin brewing in earnest. By being proactive, you can better ensure that your wishes are honored and are not successfully challenged in court by loved ones who may either misunderstand your intentions or have their own agendas.

How to Avoid In-Fighting Among Your Heirs After You’re Gone

Scheduling a consultation with an estate planning lawyer Arlington, TX residents respect will give you the opportunity to begin drafting an enforceable estate plan or to begin revising your existing plan in ways that will help to prevent in-fighting once you’re gone. Essentially, when you work with our team to create a solid estate plan that is clear and enforceable, you won’t allow your loved ones and beneficiaries to have any good reason to file litigation related to your estate. Provided that your estate plan is drafted properly, even if tensions exist between your loved ones, it will be your wishes – and your wishes alone – that the court will enforce.

When you meet with our team, we can also discuss other ways to help reduce the likelihood of in-fighting related to your estate. For example, you may need to carefully consider who you will name as your power of attorney. Depending on your unique life circumstances, choosing one trusted individual over another may reduce tensions among your loved ones generally. Additionally, we’ll discuss the need to keep your estate plan updated as your life and preferences evolve, so that your loved ones can never successfully argue that your estate plan no longer reflects your most recent intentions.  

Legal Assistance Is Available

To better ensure that your loved ones and beneficiaries avoid in-fighting after you’re gone, connect with the experienced Texas legal team at The Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to discuss your estate planning needs. The primary way to avoid estate litigation is to have a well-constructed estate plan in place that is updated as regularly as you need it to be in order to reflect your evolving circumstances and intentions. In addition to ensuring that all proper and necessary documentation is drafted enforceably in accordance with your wishes, our team can help you strategize in re: communication with your loved ones so that clear expectations can be set in ways that minimize conflict. Estate planning is an emotional business for everyone involved. However, working with an experienced Arlington, TX estate litigation lawyer can help to ensure that tensions remain as low as they possibly can in re: your estate and that the risk of anyone filing litigation related to your estate plan is significantly mitigated.