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While divorce isn’t easy on anyone, it can be especially difficult on children. They might not know exactly what’s going on and even believe that they are partially to blame. If you’re getting divorced from your spouse with a divorce lawyer in New York, NY, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your children. Here are some of the different ways divorce affects kids.


Some children become very angry after they find out that their parents are getting divorced. They’re upset that their family is falling apart and display anger at their parents, relatives, and friends. If their anger isn’t addressed, it can lead to destructive behavior, such as getting into fights at school and even vandalizing property.


It’s easy to understand why many children become depressed when their parents get divorced. They’re going through a major life change and aren’t sure if life will ever be the same again. The depression can cause children to isolate themselves away from their friends and lose interest in their hobbies. Instead, they may just sit in their rooms and wallow in their sadness.


Many children have a difficult time understanding why their parents are getting divorced in the first place. They may wonder if they had behaved better or did something else, their parents wouldn’t be getting divorced. This amount of guilt can be incredibly difficult for a child to deal with. They might blame themselves for a long time and become very sad because of it.

Decreased Academic Performance

All the stress, anger and guilt can make it difficult for some children to concentrate on school. Instead of paying attention to what the teacher is saying, they may worry about their parents divorcing. They may neglect their homework and stop studying for tests.

Sleep Problems

Many children also have trouble falling asleep at night when their parents are going through a divorce. They may have so much on their mind and lie in their bed awake for hours. In the morning, they may be very groggy and irritable from not getting adequate rest. Lack of sleep can also make it difficult for your child to concentrate in school.

Lowered Immunity

The stress from a divorce may also lower a child’s immunity. With a weakened immune system, they may be more likely to get a cold, flu and other illnesses. They may have to miss more days of school because they’re sick more frequently.

Getting Help for Your Child

If you’re getting a divorce and your child is having a lot of trouble dealing with it, consider having them talk to a professional counselor. A counselor can help your child get their emotions out in the open and teach them healthy ways to cope with their feelings. After talking to a counselor, your child may feel much better.

Thanks to Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. for their insight into family law and how divorce can affect your children.