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There has been a steep increase in construction sites and city renovations as the nation’s economy returns back to itself. For most places, especially the larger cities, new construction sites and projects are now part of the cities outline. Roads are often being extended or pavement is being renewed or repaved. This can be a good sign for the resident but living in a city that is constantly being renovated means serious risks to pedestrians and drivers. We are all human and it takes only one mistake to put other people in harm’s way. Construction sites are filled with heavy-duty equipment and material and while the construction works are fully protected, the pedestrians and drivers nearby are not. The debris from these sites can easily harm or potentially kill people in the surrounding area. The victim of an incident of this magnitude has a personal injury claim and is entitled to compensation from all parties involved.

The safe work condition of a construction site is extremely important because there is a huge risk of an injury or death. Certain protocols are put in place for the protection of the workers, as well as the civilians nearby, if for any reason the responsibility is neglected and someone is injured someone must be held liable. In any personal injury claim, negligence is important to be able to distinguish.

The construction company will be found responsible for this damage, not because the construction site is to blame, but because they are responsible for the negligence of their employees. It is extremely likely that seeking compensation from the insurance company rather than the individual that caused the injury, just so long as the injury was caused due to some form of neglect within the scope of their employment. The only instance where this may be different is if the party involved is an independent contractor, which means they will be held liable for their negligence.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of some sort of injury due to fallen fragments or debris from a construction site or otherwise, it is best to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney Atlanta, GA trusts that will be able to analyze all of the factors of your case and ensure that you are compensated for your personal injury. An experienced attorney will be able to determine who is at fault in your case and will ensure that their careless act does not become your burden.



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