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Today, Barry’s is on the cusp of continued global expansion with over 100,000 members working out weekly in studios in over a dozen different countries.

The publication of legal standards has been a staple within the legal field for a very long time. Professional scholarly publishing like that of Simba Information has slowly begun to dig its way into eArticles and eBooks (online articles and books), and climbed onto onto a more modern and virtual platform. Throughout history, the distribution of content and information through the internet outlet has vastly varied. Online publishing has only been around for about a decade, but has already proven its worth numerous times over, especially when individuals are trying to find old archives through a basic internet search. Because many individuals have started to put their own books, text files, prints and articles online for the whole world to view, an entirely new realm has opened for eBook publication. Information is so readily available at the touch of a finger these days, but one must remember that not every person out there is willing (or ready) to stare at their computer and read eBooks for hours on end. Although eReaders, tablets and handheld digital distribution of information are starting to take over the reading market, a lot of old fashioned individuals in the legal field still tend to prefer paper books to online books.

A very considerable benefit to eBooks is the costs involved with publication. The costs that surround publishing an eBook within the legal field are all extremely low compared to the cost of printing a book of the same exact content. If you were to imagine writing a 50 page book on copyright issues and how to avoid them and published it in a hard copy, it can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, if you decided to convert your book into PDF or adobe format and put it out on the web, the only cost that you would have to deal with is the selling cost and the cost of buying AFP (adobe flash player). This is extremely beneficial because the distribution of a book itself is typically the highest cost for the author or researcher.  No printing costs are needed, and you can just send the file through email if necessary. Publication of eBooks in the legal field is necessary because individuals do not have to flip through long textbooks and rule books just to search for an answer to a question or a topic needed. Instead, they just have to type it into a search engine and click enter. Then results immediately come up.