Legal Separation Attorney Arlington TX

Property Planning Lawyer Arlington TXNot every couple who walk away from their marriage are ready to walk away for good. It is not uncommon for a couple to struggle with that decision. Sometimes, there is hope that the marriage can still be saved if they just have some time apart to work together on it. Other couples may no longer want to live together and be a couple, but divorce just is not an option for them. In any of these situations, the couples may decide to file for a legal separation with a Texas family court instead of a divorce. If you are considering this option, contact Brandy Austin Law Firm PLLC to speak with a legal separation lawyer Arlington TX families recommend.

Legal Separation versus Divorce

At first glance, a legal separation and a divorce may appear fairly similar. Both of these are a legal process and they both involve the couple no longer living together. During a legal separation, there will be some kind of decision regarding child custody and parenting time. The court will also decide if child support and/or spousal support should be ordered.

However, there are also some distinct differences between a legal separation and a divorce. A legal separation does not legally end the marriage like a divorce does. The couple is still legally married, which means that neither spouse can remarry. In order to remarry someone else, the couple would need to file and dissolve the marriage through divorce.

You may be wondering which choice is right for your situation. A divorce attorney Arlington TX clients recommend from our firm can meet and discuss with you what the pros and cons of each process would be for your case. One of the factors that you may want to consider is what is the reason why you and your spouse are at this point in your marriage. If you are not sure you want to end your marriage right now or you are both committed to working at trying to resolve the differences, then a legal separation may be the better choice. It will allow you both the time you need to work through issues yet protect your legal rights.

In some situations, the couple may decide that they no longer want to be married to each other, yet their religion may not allow divorce. In these situations, a legal separation may be the solution needed.

Let Our Firm Help

If you are thinking of ending your marriage but are not sure if this is the right decision, it may be beneficial to speak with an Arlington TX legal separation lawyer. Contact Brandy Austin Law Firm PLLC to set up a free and confidential consultation. Our attorney will answer all of your legal questions, as well as layout what your best legal options may be. Call our office today.