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In most parts of the modern world, parents are placed under an extraordinary amount of pressure to name their babies within the first 24-48 hours that they are born. Naming is a sacred act and one that influences a child’s identity forever. So, what is to be done when the name a child is given at birth doesn’t seem to suit him or her? It is not uncommon for parents to name a child in the day or so after that little person has been born, only to regret their decision. Perhaps it turns out that their little Elizabeth is, in fact, more of a Charlotte. Or perhaps the sleep-deprived new parents were pressured into naming their new little boy after Uncle Alfred and are wrestling with the fact that they should have named him Finn all along. If you are struggling with the fact that you believe you should have named your baby something different than the title on his or her birth certificate, don’t lose any sleep over this challenge. Simply call an experienced Dallas, TX LSR name change lawyer for guidance and support.

Legally Changing a Child’s Name

Legally changing a child’s name is not particularly difficult. However, it is important to seek legal guidance in order to ensure that you are completing all necessary changes properly. Ensuring that your child’s name is properly changed is a consequential process, as a misstep could affect your ability to obtain legal documents on your child’s behalf, like corrected birth certificates, passports and (eventually) driver’s license cards. Seeking the assistance of a Dallas, TX LSR name change lawyer is a good choice because “LSR” stands for “limited scope representation.” LSR allows you access to necessary legal services that are fairly limited and straightforward. Rather than hiring an attorney to handle a truly complex matter, you can essentially just work with our firm to draft the name change petition and/or review it. Should you need additional services, we are happy to provide them. But it is important that our clients know that we will not take advantage of them by billing them for services that they really don’t require an attorney for

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you need to legally change your child’s name and/or you are interested in changing your own name legally, please schedule a consultation with an experienced Dallas, Texas LSR name change lawyer today. Limited scope representation will allow you access to the legal guidance and support you need in order to make such an important transition successful. However, this representation arrangement will also ensure that you are not burdened by unnecessary costs and time-intensive communications with your lawyer. The experienced legal team at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC have worked with Texas clients seeking name changes for years. We understand how to navigate this legal process efficiently and effectively. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us today. Working with an experienced Dallas, TX LSR name change lawyer may be one of the most beneficial decisions you can make after you have decided to seek a name change. We look forward to speaking with you.