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When a person has a traumatic brain injury, it can be devastating for his or her family members. Relatives may feel clueless about what resources are available after the accident, and it is important to know how to get the help you need. There are a number of resources available to these families including support groups, medical help, and legal services. Learn more about each of these resources and how to get access to them for you and your family members.

Support Groups

Your hospital social worker can be a good resource for finding a local support group for family members of brain injury victims. If there is not a local chapter in your area, there are online support groups. A quick Google search can help you connect with other family members experiencing the same things. Your support group can be an invaluable resource for navigating the process of emotional healing after a devastating family event. The great thing about an online group is that you can connect at any time, no matter where you are.

Medical Resources

Brain injuries are complex medical problems, and your loved one will likely have a whole group of doctors and nurses assigned to his or her care. It is important that you act as an advocate for your relative. If you have multiple family members that are willing to help out, you can arrange for someone to be present at all times if the hospital will allow it. This will ensure that you will never miss a meeting with any of the doctors and specialists that come through.

Legal Support

A loss of work and wages caused by your loved one’s injury can be devastating in many ways. You may wonder how you will pay for all of the medical expenses that are piling up. You may be able to get compensation if the injury was caused in an accident at work, or you may be able to seek compensation from the at-fault party. A lawyer can help determine what options are available to you and your family. Be sure that you choose someone with experience in this specific type of case.

While watching a loved one suffer from a brain injury can be a difficult time for every family member, there are resources to help you cope. Start researching today to find out what options are available for you.