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You’ve heard it time and again: “Be careful what you post on social media.” We largely ignore these sage words because most of what we share is between friends, or so we think. While this advice definitely rings true for anyone who may be job hunting or basically anyone hoping to preserve their relationships with family and friends, it’s also something that can save you money.

Do we have your attention now?

Under Alabama state law, you are guaranteed to be compensated for personal injuries after an accident by the person responsible. However, getting the money that you are entitled to after an accident may be more complicated than you expect. In many cases, the responsible party will demand proof of your injury, so you (with the help of your attorney) must prove to the insurance company and a judge that you were, indeed, injured in the accident. It isn’t a perfect system, but it does protect innocent people and their insurance companies in some instances.

So, how does this affect you and the information you post on social media?

Well, after an accident where you claim to be injured, it can work against you if you decide to post photos of yourself doing strenuous physical activity. Participating in sports, hiking, even playing with your kids can be seen as evidence that you are not hurt to the extent that you claim to be, potentially relieving the insurance company or the person themselves from any financial responsibility they may have to you regarding the accident. Therefore, you must be careful what you post once you have filed an accident claim.

Social media has been beneficial in so many ways. Because of it, we can keep up with old friends, classmates, and family members who live across the country or across the globe. News travels faster than ever as well, which may be a good thing if you want to stay up on current events but can be a disaster if you have recently filed a claim for medical or damage compensation. Your communication on your personal social media account is not actually private. Everything you say or post is up for grabs, and you better believe that insurance companies and defense attorneys will use whatever they can find to negate your claim.

To reduce the risk that your claim is denied, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. First, don’t post anything on social media that contradicts your claim, and ask family and friends to do the same. Even if the picture is from years ago, it will be hard to explain in a court of law. Also, consider making your social media accounts private so that only friends or even a select group of them can see what you post, just in case there is something there that could be misinterpreted. The fewer people who see your posts, the better.

By doing these simple things, you will have a better chance of getting the settlement that is owed to you without any additional hassle. If you’ve been in an auto accident or have had another unfortunate incident occur and need to speak with a Mobile personal injury attorney, feel free to call us. We will be able to walk you through steps such as these so as to best protect yourself.