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 Slip and Fall Liability
When You Are Injured After a Slip and Fall Accident in Someone Else’s Home

A home is usually considered a safe place, even someone else’s, especially one that belongs to a friend or family member. However, there may be unexpected danger that causes in a slip and fall accident which results in a serious injury. Very likely their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will pay for your medical costs, but wouldn’t it be preferable to avoid the accident in the first place? Here are some tips to keep in mind that can help you stay safe.

 Avoiding Common Slip and Fall Accidents

From winter sidewalks filled with snow and ice to loose rugs, a home can be host many types of slip and fall hazards. Bathtubs that lack friction mats or hallways without night lights are potentially dangerous. When visiting a home, check for these hazards:

 Are the exterior walkways and steps clear of ice, snow, or pools of water? If not, avoid them.
 Does the carpeting have folds, rips, or tears that may cause you to trip? Is there a loose rug on the floor that shifts when stepped upon? Go around these hazards, if possible.
 Is there loose, cracked, or torn tiling that may cause you to trip and fall? If so, avoidance may be your best option.

Dangerous Exteriors

In addition to the safety of adults, visitors’ children are also at risk in someone else’s unfamiliar home. In fact, heavy objects placed atop unstable furniture are a danger to small children who may attempt to climb the furniture. It is a tragic fact that children can be severely injured or even killed from heavy objects falling on them. When entering a room that your children will visit, scan the area for potential dangers and take appropriate action, even if that means leaving.
Yards present their own dangers.
One or more trees may have rotting limbs and can fall on a child who swings from them or attempts to climb the tree.
Yards often have furniture stacked to one side. These piles of seemingly benign chairs can be a deadly hazard to a small child.
Pool areas are consistently slippery when wet. Proceed with caution in a pool area and warn children to walk, not run. A slip on wet concrete and a fall into the water while unconscious can lead to a fatal accident.

A homeowner’s negligence can be cause for compensation to the victim, but every case is different. In addition, though the homeowner may be a friend or loved one, in order to get compensation from their insurance company you might be forced to file a claim or lawsuit. If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of a homeowner looking for free legal advice online is okay, but you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today. After a review of the facts, they can determine if you have a case.


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