Visitation Rights Lawyer Arlington, TX

Visitation Rights Lawyer Arlington, TXTo protect your visitation rights, you may need to hire an experienced visitation rights lawyer in Arlington, TX from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. Coming to a formal and legally recognized child custody and visitation agreement with your former spouse or partner can be emotionally charged. There may be additional triggers occurring in your life that can further complicate the negotiation process. When our firm represents you and your child’s best interests, you will have an objective legal professional guiding you.

Two Options for Coming to an Agreement Regarding Child Visitation Rights
Your TX visitation rights lawyer in Arlington can make every effort to help you and the other parent come to an agreement without having to go to court. However, that is sometimes unavoidable. Here are the two main ways that parents generally come to an agreement regarding child visitation terms:

  1. By mutual agreement. It is usually preferable for all parties involved if the parents can come to an agreement on their own or with assistance from a Texas visitation rights lawyer. In an ideal situation, the two parents are able to amicably come to an agreement about who will have primary custody, the visitation schedule (including holidays), and other details. However, even if there is tension and conflict between the two parties, there are options beyond going to court. A court-appointed mediator may be able to help the parents come to a mutual agreement.
  2. By court order. If you are unable to come to a mutual agreement after making a concerted effort, and mediation was not successful, the court will have to step in. During the court hearing, the other parent and their lawyer will submit their arguments to the judge. You and an Arlington, TX visitation rights lawyer can also submit your arguments. After both sides have presented their information, the judge will make a ruling on the custody and visitation agreement. Very likely neither side will be completely happy with the decisions made by the judge, but the rulings are binding which means by law, you and the other parent must abide by them.

The Child’s Best Interests
As a family lawyer from Arlington, TX may tell you, beyond the wishes of the parents, the court is expected to consider what is in the best interests of the child when it comes to custody and visitation rights rulings. As an outsider, the judge will have to determine the optimum arrangement based on a number of criteria that may include any or all of the following:

  •    – The age of the child and their mental capacity to understand what is happening around them. If the child has a mental or emotional challenge, this should also be taken into account.
  •    – The child’s physical condition. If they have physical limitations and require additional care such as physical therapy or medical apparatus, this may affect the judge’s ruling.
  •    – The abilities and shortcomings of each parent and the quality of care that each can offer the child and in what capacity.
  •    – The financial, physical, and emotional health of each parent.

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