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At some point in a person’s life, he or she will decide it is time to create an estate plan. If you are thinking about listing a moving company in your written plan, you should first decide how many have your items will need relocation and to whom. Leaving behind your legacy is an important aspect to one’s life. Belongings are considered part of a legacy, and it is important to assign all aspects of where they will go, and how they will get there. Family and loved ones will be taking care of tasks and often need help in the event a person becomes immobilized or deceased.

Creating Inventory

Start a list of everything you own including furniture, appliances (small and large), fragile items, birth certificates, original copies of important documents and instructions for the person handling your will, along with contact information of loved ones. Take photographs of your items so they can be easily recognizable to your family and movers.

Assigning Dependents

Your estate plan should include your children’s information, so the will executor can contact them to find out what days your belongings can be moved that works with best with their schedule. You should also list what pieces are awarded to each beneficiary, so the movers know which items go to which home. By identifying which of your items go to certain family members, can help prevent the rights of ownership being debated in court.

Appoint Fiduciary

Designate a person to act on your behalf and fulfill the wishes listed in your estate plan. This can be a lawyer, power of attorney, and trustee or will executor. They can contact the moving company you have chosen and schedule a time and day based on when it will help your family the most.

It can take weeks or months to distribute and move belongings out of a home. Once things have been cleared out, the house will also need a deep cleaning. Many moving companies also offer cleaning services to assist in that scenario. Family members may not have the correct size boxes, packaging material or moving techniques to transport objects safely. It will alleviate stress and not add an additional task to your loved ones, who will be sorting and moving your belongings. A family will likely need someone with a professional hand to move cherished items.

Before contacting moving companies, consider how many pieces will need moving, how many hours it may take, how delicate each item is, and if you need a cleaning service too. This will help when the movers are generating a price estimate based on your specific needs. If you have questions or concerns, a representative will be happy to answer any you may have. Confirm that the moving company has an insurance policy that will cover any damages or losses if they were to occur during the moving process.