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As a human, we may be susceptible to various health conditions due to our anatomy, immune system, genetics, and environment. Even if your doctor offered the very best care possible, there is still always a chance that devastating news may be delivered. However, sometimes negative outcomes are actually caused because of a doctor’s recklessness or negligence.

If you have a weird feeling that your doctor may be trying to hide a mistake he or she made, then we highly encourage you to talk with an attorney immediately. Here we have listed the top three scary signs that your doctor may have committed medical malpractice when it came to your care: 

#1 You Are Having a Hard Time Getting Medical Records

You have the right to obtain full copies of any medical records, whether that be notes, images, diagnostics, or other reports. If your doctor doesn’t release everything that is in your chart to you promptly, then there may be a reason to believe something is wrong. As an attorney may tell you, a major red flag is when you feel like you are jumping through hurdles to get medical paperwork, especially when there is no valid reason for the delay. 

#2 You Feel Ignored or As If You Aren’t Being Heard

If your condition has not gotten better and your doctor doesn’t have any other ideas for treatment, then the next step should be seeing a specialist. A doctor that practices with ethical standards in mind, won’t brush off their patient’s concerns. If you find yourself feeling ignored or as if your worries aren’t being addressed, then it may be time to consult with an attorney for advice. 

#3 Your Doctor Acts Peculiar When You Bring Up Other Providers

A quality doctor understands that sometimes all that is needed is another doctor to take a look at the patient’s condition for a second opinion. If your doctor vehemently doesn’t want you to visit any other doctors or specialists, he or she may be trying to hide something that another may be able to uncover. For instance, let’s say you received a procedure on your foot, but you believe your doctor made an error that is now causing you pain or discomfort. If a podiatrist were to take a look at the foot visually and through diagnostics like x-rays, the mistake may be identified. 

It is in your best interest to seek legal guidance if you are worried that your doctor has made an error that is now impacting your health.