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Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident that is someone else’s fault, you may be talking to the other driver’s insurance company. They may tell you that you don’t need a lawyer, which is technically true. You may even wonder if you need an attorney. After all, the insurance company is offering you a settlement. Shouldn’t you just take it? A bird in the hand is worth more than a bird in the bush, as they say. Here are four reasons you may want to discuss your case with a lawyer before you settle.

Your Injuries Are Severe

The more severe that your injuries are, the more compensation you should receive. You may be close to the policy limits that the insurance company will pay out. Insurance companies always try to maximize their profits. They don’t want to pay out any more than they absolutely have to. Your attorney can provide information on what your claim is worth.

You Have Long-Term Injuries

Long-term care often costs much more than you may realize. Your injuries may impact your earning capacity, which should be figured into your compensation settlement. A good attorney can help you pursue compensation for all of your losses, even ones you haven’t thought of yet.

Liability Is Not Clear

No one wants to admit that they are at fault for an accident, especially when money is involved. When multiple parties are involved in an accident, it makes it much more complicated. Proportional fault may apply, making you obligated for other people’s injuries, if you were partially at fault for the accident. In commercial vehicle cases, for example, there may be other parties liable for the accident who weren’t even at the scene, such as the shipping agent or manufacturer. When parties fight internally over liability, it can make your claim difficult to resolve.

The Insurance Company Isn’t Going to Pay

If the insurance company is giving you a low offer or refusing to pay, you may need to have someone on your side to fight for you. Your lawyer will know the law and have resources to back up your rights. It’s often beneficial to you to discuss your case with someone who can take an unbiased look at your claim.

No, you don’t need a lawyer, but you certainly don’t know the law as well as a personal injury lawyer would. Your attorney protects your rights. You do not have anything to lose by talking to a lawyer, because most attorneys offer free consultations. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Trenton, NJ who will be on your side.



Thanks to Davis & Brusca for their insight into personal injury claims and if you need an attorney.