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There are many scenarios that could lead to a boating accident. As strange as it may seem, boating accidents are just as common as motor vehicle accidents. Should there be a boating accident, it does not always include another boat. There are many ways for the captain of a ship or operator of a boat to be seen as liable or responsible for a boating accident. Some of those instances are:

-Speeding over waves that are too large to have control over.
-Crashing into other boats or objects in or around the water.
-Not adhering to proper boating regulations.
-No safety equipment or improper safety equipment.
-Simply speeding.

Rules and regulations are put in place so that injury and danger is as minimal as possible. However, there are times when situations are unpreventable. Specific things that can be avoided are reckless driving, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as distracted driving. The same things that contribute to many motor vehicle accidents. Reckless driving occurs when a driver is simply operating the boat without order. Professional boat drivers usually do not do this, however, without the proper training it is easy to succumb to reckless driving on a boat. Oftentimes drivers are simply operating a boat for adventure or a fun water activity so they do not understand the dangers of being on the water.

Driving while under the intoxication of anything is simply dangerous in any situation. Being under the intoxication of a substance or alcohol takes you from your natural state of mind to another state of mind. Drinking alcohol is not only dangerous but very illegal while operating any motor vehicle, this includes boats.

And lastly being distracted. Being distracted is easy to understand. When you are not focused on operating the boat this is probably due to you being distracted. This may come from being on your phone, talking to other passengers on the boat, or simply paying attention to other things that are not operating the boat.

These examples of negligence can lead to injury to the operator of the boat and the passengers. Sometimes injury can because to those that are not on the boat at all. Should you or someone you know suffer an injury due to any of these reasons in a boat, contact a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, Georgia to see what damages you can be compensated for.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and boating accidents.