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You may have heard the term “wrongful death action” or “wrongful death claim” before. For people who have lost loved ones because of someone else’s negligence or behavior, this lawsuit can bring financial help and peace of mind. This is not something to take lightly, however. If a close family member recently passed away and someone else was to blame, you should speak with an attorney. This legal professional can walk you through the proper steps to pursuing your case.

Breaking Down Wrongful Death Actions

You would file a wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court. The suit would state that you hold another part responsible for the death of a close family member. This could have been the result of an accident or the deliberate killing of your loved one. This action aims to hold the right individual or entity accountable for your loss. It also is designed to compensate you for damages. A wrongful death claim often goes to court, though some defendants agree to settle out of court. Reward amounts the time frame of the lawsuit can vary considerably from case to case.

Determining Whether Your Action Has Merit

Clearly, not every passing of a family member would fall under the category of a wrongful death. Some people die from causes of age or due to an illness or disease. Accidents can also happen where no one is to blame. However, if you believe someone else’s mistake, poor judgment, or willful disregard led to the death, you may be justified in suing. Your attorney will carefully review the facts of the case by gathering evidence and interviewing people. Your lawyer will also have the knowledge and training to understand whether your claims meet the legal requirements for a wrongful death action.

Suing for Damages

In an effort to save your loved one from dying, medical professionals may have administered care. Hours, days, weeks, or even months may have gone into treating your family member before he or she succumbed to death. During this time, medical expenses would have piled up, leaving you with a big financial burden. In your wrongful death lawsuit, you will seek compensation to cover these costs. Funeral and burial expenses may also be included. You may also seek compensation to pay you for the money your family member would have earned. Pain and suffering may also be a part of your claim.

Understanding wrongful death lawsuits will help you determine what course to take. Make sure you first speak to an experienced wrongful death lawyer