Child Injury Lawyer Dallas, TX

Child Injury Lawyer Dallas, TXWas your child injured because of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing? If so, you might want to talk with a Dallas, TX child injury lawyer for further advice. A child should be able to enjoy their life without having to think about the risks of their environment. Parents, caretakers, and child-friendly establishments have the responsibility to ensure a child’s surroundings are safe. Unfortunately, some innocent children do become the victim of an adult’s wrongful or negligent behavior. When this happens, injuries or death can be the result.

A Child Injury Lawyer You Can Rely On

At Brandy Austin Law Firm, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of injured children. We firmly believe that no child deserves to be harmed because of an adult’s negligent actions. This is why, whenever we handle a case that involves an injured child, we work hard to ensure he or she receives maximum compensation for their pain and suffering. Brandy Austin Law Firm is a family firm, and we’re dedicated to protecting children from harm. Guided by years of experience, we know that accident cases can impact an entire family and may last well into the future. As experienced child injury lawyers in the Dallas, Texas area, we do everything legally possible to hold negligent people accountable for their actions.

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The Difference Between Standard Personal Injury Cases and Child Injury Cases

A case that involves a child may be particularly sensitive, and also requires ample time to build a strong defense. If your child has been injured, it is prudent to contact an child injury lawyer from our Dallas office as soon as possible. This decision will ensure your case is handled by a team of compassionate and caring legal professionals who understand the gravity of your situation.

Although every state is different, the time to file a child injury claim could be different from those that involve adults. Some insurance companies might even recommend waiting to file a claim, but this is not a good idea unless you’ve already spoken your trusted Dallas, TX child injury lawyer. By prolonging your decision to take action, you could lose compensation.

Common Child Injury Cases

As a law firm that can handle personal injury cases involving children, we are capable of representing children and their families in cases such as:

  1. Injuries from school or daycare
  2. Playground injuries
  3. Amusement park injuries
  4. Carnival accidents
  5. Car seat injuries
  6. Crib injuries
  7. Car or bicycle accident injuries
  8. Animal bites
  9. School bus accidents
  10. Drownings
  11. Toy injuries

Bear in mind that we respect the sensitive nature of child injury cases and we do everything to make this process as easy as possible. Regardless of what happened to your child, we may be able to help your whole family recover.

Filing a Claim

A person under the age of 18 cannot legally file a claim. This means their parent or legal guardian will be responsible for handling the case. If you are a divorced parent or take care of the child but are not the parent or guardian, you may want to consult with a child injury lawyer from our Dallas, Texas firm for further advice.

Contact an Accident Lawyer

No amount of money can replace the harm from a serious accident, but it might help your family to move forward without having to worry about medical bills and related costs. If your child has been injured because of another person’s wrongdoing, call an experienced child injury lawyer from Dallas, Texas. Contact Brandy Austin Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.