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Criminal Law and a DUI Charge

Drunk driving has been a major cause of vehicular related accidents throughout the years. When these types of driving accidents occur, it almost always results in one of the drivers getting arrested for driving under the influence, which is also known as a DUI. Driving under the influence can cause very severe injuries and can even lead to death. Driving under the influence is illegal and is not a wise thing to do. There are serious implications that can occur when a person is arrested for a DUI. The first being brought on criminal charges for driving under the influence. This could result in a fine up to $1000, time behind bars, loss of driving privileges, and being ordered to attend an alcohol treatment class. An officer on the accident scene will first give the driver in question a Form 1205 that is from the Georgia Department of Driver Services. The driver or defendant will have the ability to keep their driving privileges for a total of 30 days. Form 1205 also outlines the state’s intention to suspend the defendant’s license after said time. It is up to the defendant to appeal the impending suspension within 10 business days. The appeal must be put in writing to the Department of Driver Services. Once received by DDS, a legal hearing will be scheduled for the defendant to make their case for the appeal. Driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol can lead to so many different stigmas that can stop you from many opportunities and things in life and it is important to seek legal representation. The proper attorney will review the facts of your case and do their best to build your defense so that when the time comes for a hearing, you may not lose your license or face jail time at all. No matter how the charges came about. Seeking a criminal defense attorney is a smart decision to make. By hiring the right criminal defense team, the facts of your case will be reviewed and your legal defense can begin to be built. Some consequences are unavoidable, but with the right legal team, your sentence can be very minor. If you or a loved one are currently facing criminal charges for driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, contact a criminal defense attorney in the area the offense took place, and as soon as possible. Laws vary from state to state and a DUI lawyer in Decatur, GA may be your only option.


Thanks to The Lynch Law Group for their insight into criminal law and a DUI charge.