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Few situations are more frustrating than those involving contracts and court orders that are not being honored. Contracts and court orders may be legally binding, but their enforceable nature does not necessarily guarantee that their terms will always be honored. At times, it may become necessary to request judicial intervention in order to ensure that the terms of these legal documents are treated with respect.

Enforcement Actions

If the terms of an existing divorce decree or child support are not being honored in fundamental ways, please consider speaking with an experienced divorce attorney in Dallas, TX from Brandy Austin Law Firm about filing an enforcement action. This legal tool is relatively straightforward and your divorce attorney in Dallas, TX will be able to handle most of the “heavy lifting” associated with filing one. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your situation, it may be a judge or a state agency that takes action in response to your request. State laws and procedures vary, so please consult an attorney for more specific guidance about how an enforcement action would progress in your state.

Opting for a Modification

If you are not currently interested in pursuing an enforcement action, you may benefit from seeking a modification to your existing divorce, child custody and/or child support orders. A modification may be formally requested by petitioning the court or you and your former spouse may agree on the terms of a modification through mediation or attorney-led negotiation. Modifying existing orders may be a preferable option if you believe that your situation could be fairly easily managed through modifying terms of the existing order rather than insisting upon your ex honoring the terms as currently constructed.

There is no single “right” way to approach a situation in which your ex is failing to honor the terms of existing orders. If a modification makes sense for your circumstances, then please speak to your divorce attorney in Dallas, TX about this option. But if an enforcement action makes more sense for your circumstances, then that tool is available too. There is certainly nothing wrong with asking the court to help you benefit from the terms you were originally promised. That is generally your legal right, barring any exceptions to this widely accepted approach to existing orders.

Legal Guidance and Support Is Available

If you have questions about enforcing a divorce decree and/or child support orders, please do not hesitate to connect with an experienced family law attorney. Once a divorce attorney in Dallas, TX is given the opportunity to learn about the specifics surrounding your situation, he or she will be able to advise you of your legal options.

Scheduling a consultation with an divorce attorney in Dallas, TX does not obligate you to file any legal actions whatsoever. Connecting in this way will simply help to ensure that whatever decisions you ultimately make about your legal situation are informed ones. As a result, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions whenever they may arise. Asking questions now may help you to preserve various legal options and help you avoid otherwise preventable headaches down the road.