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How Can You Fight for Child Custody?


When going through a divorce, the legal aspects are sometimes the least of your worries. Naturally, divorce is an emotional and stressful process. If you have children, it can become even more complex. You and your spouse may be unable to agree on anything, much less who should have custody of your child. You may argue over child support, visitation or who the primary parent should be. Often, the courts have to settle these arguments.

Do You Have a Lawyer?

Your first step in a custody case should be to retain a lawyer. While you don’t have to hire a lawyer to fight for custody, you shouldn’t represent yourself. A lawyer is there to help ensure that you meet all the court’s requirements and can help form your arguments for custody. If you’re unsure about your need for a lawyer, most offer a free consultation.

Do You Know the Child Custody Laws?

Every state has different laws regarding child custody and visitation. If you have a lawyer, this process may be a lot simpler. He or she already has information regarding the laws and can help explain those laws plainly.  Come up with a list of questions that you have about the custody laws and ask your lawyer. It’s important to have information on the law before your custody hearing.

Do You Know How To Prepare for Court?

A divorce lawyer  from a local law firm such as Winfrey Law Firm will make sure that you fill out all of the appropriate paperwork and ensure that you meet your deadlines. This frees up your time to prepare for your court date. Think about what you want to say at the hearing. You will have a few minutes to share your perspective, so you need to be clear on what issues you want to bring up. You should only discuss the most important details. Your presentation will be brief. While it may be difficult to stay calm when discussing such a personal situation, you need to be as calm as possible. Never interrupt the judge and try to listen more than you speak.

When it comes to child custody, you have to present an argument to the court on why it is in the child’s best interests for you to have custody. Without a lawyer, it may be more difficult to form the best possible argument. He or she will know what is more convincing in the eyes of the law and how to achieve custody.