Divorce Mediation Lawyer Arlington, TX

Resolving Your Divorce through Mediation

There is a common misperception that mediating a divorce means that no lawyers are involved. On the contrary, you’ll benefit from working with a divorce lawyer Arlington, TX residents trust, regardless of whether you choose to mediate your divorce process. In a mediation setting, both parties – and their lawyers – sit down to negotiate the terms of the divorce settlement in question. If the couple has minor or otherwise dependent children, custody and support arrangements will be discussed at this time as well. During the negotiations, an impartial, third party mediator will be present. The mediator has no agenda beyond helping both parties to remain focused on the task at hand and to keeping the sessions productive.

One of the many potential benefits of mediating your divorce involves legal fees. Divorces that are mediated are generally less expensive than contentious processes that must be resolved by a judge. With that said, if there is a history of abuse in the relationship or you and your spouse fundamentally disagree on significant issues related to your divorce and a judge is going to need to resolve those differences, mediation may not be an investment worthy of your time and energy. Once our team assesses your situation, we’ll be able to provide you with personalized guidance regarding your situation’s “fitness” for the mediation process.

Legal Assistance Is Available

You don’t need to know for sure whether mediation is the right approach for your divorce before scheduling a consultation with the experienced Texas legal team at The Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. Oftentimes, divorcing couples can’t be sure of which approach will work best for their situation until an experienced professional has evaluated their goals, needs, and priorities, and explained their options with these realities in mind. Therefore, even if you’re unsure of whether you’d like to try divorce mediation, connect with our experienced team today to discuss your options. Once you’re informed and empowered to make whatever choice is healthiest for you, our firm’s Arlington, TX divorce mediation lawyer team will do our utmost to support your approach and to protect your interests moving forward; please call today to learn more.