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Today, Barry’s is on the cusp of continued global expansion with over 100,000 members working out weekly in studios in over a dozen different countries.

Business Lawyer

Having a business lawyer on your side can benefit you in many ways if you are a business owner. At [law firm name], we have been helping clients who own companies of all sizes to reach their target goals and objectives, overcome legal obstacles, and find solutions to challenging issues that have arisen. Our legal services are considerably broad and include structuring a business, resolving a dispute, litigating a legal matter, and anything else relevant to a business operation. 

Situations that May Warrant the Need for a Business Lawyer 

You Are Negotiating a Deal or Contract

At some point during your business operation, you will likely enter into a contractual agreement. At certain times you may need to negotiate the terms of the contract or restructure the agreement. Contracts tend to include small details that must be carefully considered; otherwise, the outcome could be significantly altered. For example, one wrong word, wrong punctuation, or any other mistake could cause the terms to be misunderstood. As a business lawyer might tell you, this could lead to a serious dispute that may warrant the need for mediation, arbitration, or litigation. 

Before you sign any contract, you should, at the minimum, ask a business lawyer to review it. It is even better to ask a lawyer to draft you the contract first. 

You Are Restructuring Your Business or Structuring It

The way in which you structure/restructure your business can have a significant impact on your taxes, initial setup fees, operating tasks, liabilities, and so forth. Before you choose a structure, ask a business lawyer to explain the different options and what may be right for you. 

You Have Employees

If you have any employees, you will be obligated to adhere to various state and federal regulations. These may be related to the employees’ rights, insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, taxes, benefits, and so forth. 

You Are Selling Your Business

Before you buy or sell any business, you should ask a business lawyer to review the terms. This could prevent you from making a regrettable mistake. Whether you are buying or selling a business, it is essential that everything is done right. Let our firm draft your paperwork, review your documentation, negotiate the terms and pricing, and more.

You Are Being Investigated

If you are being investigated by any government entity, having a lawyer on your side is highly advisable. Investigations can occur because of tax evasion, consumer complaints, employee complaints, illegal business practices, and more. You should not waste any time in calling a business lawyer for help. 

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No matter what your business needs might be, you should ask a business lawyer in Melbourne, FL to listen to your situation, your goals, and legal matters. 



Thanks to Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC for their insight into business law.