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With all of the excitement that the lights of fireworks bring, during the holidays or any forms of celebration, we often forget how extremely dangerous these colorful “explosions” are. Injuries that may be sustained from fireworks can be minor, but can also be extremely painful and intense. There are many factors that are taken into place when concerning a firework injury:

Who set off the firework? This is the person that is immediately held liable.

Were the fireworks legal in that city or state? If not, attorneys will include the store owner, or seller in the claim.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a firework injury, the legality of the fireworks will determine the extent of the claim you file in your personal injury case and is only one. To make matters worse, the damages can extend to property damage also.  

In a personal injury claim you would have to prove that the party held liable had a duty to fulfill regarding the safety of others that duty was intentionally breached, and because of this, injuries and damages occurred.

Typically it is not complicated to prove who is deemed at fault, especially considering there is a specific person or group that may have set off the firework to begin with. No matter if you are a professional or unskillful firework operator if someone is injured you should be held accountable.

Laws vary from state to state as it pertains to the use of fireworks. If you or someone you know has been injured, or had their property damaged due to negligence of another party while operating a firework you need to speak to a skilled personal injury lawyer Dekalb County, GA relies on as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA will be able to evaluate the details and facts of your case, review the injuries and medical expenses received due to the injuries and negotiate for you in a courtroom if need by, or with insurance companies.



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