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Car Accident Lawyer

In the last couple of years, ridesharing services have grown in popularity. Their convenience alone makes them appealing. If you want to hit the town or need a ride to an important event, ridesharing makes it easy. Unfortunately, the rides do not always go according to plan. Like any ride, car accidents can happen. What happens if you’re the passenger or if a driver strikes your car? In an event where you’re in an accident with a Lyft driver, here is what you need to know about filing a claim.

Gather Evidence

Treat a Lyft accident exactly how you would treat a normal car accident. Remember to take pictures of the accident and to get the names and information of all drivers and witnesses. This is when you gather insurance information, license plate numbers, and pictures. Likewise, if there is any damage, you want to call the police to the scene. The police will write up a report that will help you when it comes time to file a claim.

Determine Liability

When you file a personal injury claim, you have to know whose insurance covers the accident. When it comes to Lyft drivers, you have to keep in mind that the drivers are technically independent contractors and not employees. This means that the company does not take responsibility and is not liable for negligent drivers. Even when the driver is at fault, you cannot sue Lyft. You have to file the suit against the driver.

Now, these companies do require drivers carry insurance. They also provide additional coverage in different circumstances. This insurance may pay out, depending on the driver’s status.

Determine Status

When it comes to Lyft drivers, there are certain circumstances where the insurance will pay out. If you’re in an accident that involves a Lyft driver who was not currently working, then the accident will not be covered under Lyft’s policy. If the driver’s insurance denies the accident, then this coverage kicks in. The policy includes the following:

  • 25,000 dollars for property damages
  • 100,000 dollars for liability coverage
  • 50,000 dollars per person

If the Lyft driver carried a passenger or hit your car while on the job, then your insurance company would reach out to Lyft’s insurance company.

No matter the circumstances, it’s always a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer after an accident. Accidents, in general, are complex cases that you need an advocate on your side. With Lyft drivers, it may be a little more complicated. Call a car accident lawyer in Glendale, WI today for your consultation!

Thanks to Hickey & Turim, SC for their insight into personal injury claims and car accidents involving rideshares.