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Patent Attorney

Many people who obtain patents or trademark licensing do not always know the correct way to use them. However, having a patent or looking to use someone else’s patent involve very specific legal processes. Having an experienced patent attorney offering legal guidance and advice through this process is critical for your own legal protection.

There are several different scenarios that the patent attorneys can help you with:

  • You have a product, a way to produce the product, but do not have a patent for the product: Our attorneys can help you obtain the patent in order to ensure no one can infringe on your product.
  • You have a product, no way to product it, but you do have a patent on the product: Our attorneys can help you obtain the proper license.
  • You have a product, you have the patent, but have no interest in producing the product: Our patent attorneys can help you obtain the proper licenses and manufacturer.  

A person who holds a patent or trademark can increase the profitability of those rights by licensing their product or service. An intellectual property attorney can help you with this process, again ensuring that your rights are well protected in this process.

For example, let’s say a person has a trademark on a design that they put on T-shirts and sell. The design is so popular, that the individual decides to put it on other items. However, they only have the ability to produce T-shirts and not any other products. So, they negotiate with another party who does have the ability to produce those items. Because they have the design trademarked, they will receive a percentage of the profits that are generated from the sales of the other types of products now being produced with the design.


But what happens when a third party has infringed on a party’s intellectual property rights? For example, in the above scenario, let’s change it so that the party who is producing all the other products with the trademarked design did not get the owner’s permission and the owner is not getting a percentage of the profits. This could be ruled as infringement.

When a person’s intellectual property is being infringed upon should contact an intellectual property attorney to see if they can pursue a lawsuit for financial damages. An attorney will conduct all the necessary research to determine if there is infringement and, if so, how much the property owner is owed in compensation.

Contact an Intellectual Property Attorney

The key to avoiding infringement is to make sure that when you apply for intellectual property to being with, whether through a patent or trademark, you retain the services of a skilled and experienced intellectual property attorney for assistance. Intellectual property law is very specific and very complex and requires the oversight of an attorney who is well versed in all aspects of the federal rules and regulations the government has put in place. Call a law firm to meet with a patent attorney, today.