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Brandy Austin Law firm uses technology in ways to make being a client with our firm easier and more efficient.  Technology has become an important tool in law firms all across America.  We understand that using technology will improve the quality, efficiency, and client experience while being a part of our legal family.  Over 90% of people you meet today, use technology in some sort of fashion.  Maybe you use it at work or within your personal life but either way, we want to make your experience with us as easy and as simple as possible.

One of the most common ways we use technology is to communicate with our clients.  We have a top-notch software system, Clio, that enables you to send messages to your attorney, paralegal, or case manager in a more secure environment.  We are able to inform you about upcoming hearings through this system, we are able to send emails asking questions pertaining to your case, and we are also able to receive documents and pictures from you through our system.  Communication is key when trying to resolve a legal matter and we want to make that process as easy and as risk-free as possible.  Most of our clients still have to maintain their regular lifestyle even if they have a pending legal matter to tend to.  We want that experience to be as easy as possible by still providing you with efficiency.

Another way that we use technology at our law firm is to manage our caseload.  By using our technology, we are able to stay up to date on all of our cases.  Our technology may notify us to follow-up with our clients.  It will also let us know when we are missing important documents for a case.  Maybe we need to provide a response to opposing counsel and by using our equipment it makes it easier and more efficient to get those things taken care of.  When a law firm uses its technology to its full capacity you save time and are able to manage your workloads more effectively.  More quality work in less time means better outcomes for the client and allows your attorney the opportunity to assist more clients in a timely manner.

As technology continues to improve, so does secure sensitive data.  We are able to provide you with a secure way to communicate with your attorney without having to worry that other people can see what you are saying or what you are going through.  By using this technology, we are able to provide you with an environment that has been proven to be more secure than just regular email.  Can you imagine having to communicate about your divorce through regular email?  Imagine the risks you run by your spouse possibly seeing what you are saying to your attorney or seeing what evidence you are using to build your case.   We take every possible measure to ensure peace of mind while working with your attorney.

On the Administrative side, by using the technology provided to us we are able to schedule appointments with your attorney more effectively.  You are notified when your appointment is scheduled and also provided with information about your appointment so there is some ease of mind on what to expect.  We are able to keep your information organized as we work your case and we are also able to assist you in a timelier manner because our software cuts down the amount of time spent on each situation we are faced with.  Our law firm is able to assist clients in multiple areas of law.  The information that is provided to a Family Law Client is not the same information we provide to a Personal Injury client.  We are able to keep the information organized by the areas of law for which your matter pertains to.  Technology has definitely come a long way throughout the years and one of the greatest advantages to advanced software is the fact that you can almost function as a paperless firm; no more running around with multiple folders and notebooks with thousands of documents that you have to be responsible for.  We can simply type your name into our system, and 💥 we have all the information we need right at our fingertips.


Technology is constantly changing and becoming more advanced with every change.  It is important to our law firm to provide our clients with the best service possible and with an experience that is easy.  We understand that your situation can cause added stress to your everyday life and we want to make your experience simple.  We continue to find new ideas and innovative ways to make our clients happy.  We believe our technology creates a better client experience and it allows us to focus on your matter.

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