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Work Injury Lawyers

Workers’ compensation is a great type of coverage to have, especially if you work in a particularly dangerous field. What if you were on your lunch break when your injury occurred? Could you file a workers’ compensation claim and receive funds to help you pay for the medical bills? The answer might surprise you.

In Most Cases

Injuries sustained while an individual is on a lunch break do not qualify for workers’ compensation in most cases. Compensation is given when someone is fulfilling their job, operating company equipment, clocked in and considered working. Even if the employee gets paid lunch breaks, most lunchtime injuries are more than likely not related to the job.

Exceptions to the Rule

When it comes to lunch break injuries and workers’ compensation, there are some exceptions in which an individual might be able to receive a payout. For example, an employee who trips and falls on the sidewalk outside a sandwich shop while he is picking up lunch for the entire office might have a case. Because the lunch was for everyone at the office, it could be considered a work-related errand.

Another example that could qualify for compensation includes an employee who gets sick after eating at the company cafeteria. Because the food was supplied by the employer, the company could be required to offer compensation for the sick employee.

Other Ways to Receive Compensation

If you are injured on your lunch break and are ineligible for workers’ compensation, there could be other ways to receive a payout to cover your injuries. For example, a lawyer could help you file a claim against the company you work for if you trip and fall on their property while walking out to your car during lunch. You could prove fault if the company caused the surface to be slippery and dangerous. Perhaps your boss has been told multiple times about a large crack in the sidewalk and did nothing about it. Both examples might be reasonable personal injury claims.

Another way to possibly receive compensation is by filing a personal injury claim against the property owner of the place you’re having lunch. If you were injured at the lunch establishment or became sick because of their food, there may be a personal injury claim you can pursue that way.

Contacting Your Lawyer

To learn more about compensation and whether or not your case qualifies, contact work injury lawyers in Milwaukee, WI today. With someone on your side, you’ll better navigate the legal world of receiving compensation for your injuries sustained during lunch.

Thanks to Hickey & Turim, SC for their insight into workers compensation claims and injuries that occur during lunch break.