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Passenger in a Car Accident, Fault Vs. No-Fault

A motor vehicle accident lawyer Dallas, TX trusts knows that being a passenger in a car accident can be traumatic. So, if you are a passenger in a car accident what can you do? Is it possible for you to make a claim for your injuries? No matter what your situation, being in an accident can leave you nervous to get in the car again or it may leave you in the hospital recovering from your injuries for weeks or months. A Dallas motor vehicle accident lawyer at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC knows that it can be very confusing when you are a passenger in a car accident that happened in a fault or no-fault state, so we are here to help you with your claim and to answer any questions you may have. Please call our office today if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your accident. 

At-Fault State

When you reside in an at-fault state, like Texas, it means that the person who is found legally responsible for the car accident that caused you to become injured has the insurance you will go through to find compensation. Your motor vehicle accident lawyer Dallas, TX relies on can help you with your claim.

No-Fault Car Insurance

Texas is an at-fault state. However, when you reside in a no-fault state, it means that if you are in a car accident you will need to go through your insurance first before you can go through the other driver’s insurance, even if the other driver was responsible for the accident. Depending on the state you are in, this no-fault car insurance is how many states try to keep car insurance costs low. This can be good because it allows the person who is injured to usually get paid more immediately than they would if they had to go through the other driver’s insurance. However, when this is the case, they typically cannot make a claim against the other driver for damages like pain and suffering. 

What can I do if I’m a passenger?

When you are a passenger in this scenario, you may be wondering what your best option is. Your Dallas, Texas motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you with making a claim against the at-fault driver’s car insurance. You may still be wondering what someone would do in a no-fault state, though. In many cases, you may find that you are covered under the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage that the driver of your vehicle has. If another driver’s negligence caused the car accident and your injuries are so severe that you need extreme medical help that meets your state’s statutory thresholds, then you may be able to file a claim against the other driver with the help of one of our trusted attorneys. 

Working With the Insurer

When you do work with the insurer, whether it is in an at-fault or no fault state, it is important that you follow their rules. For example, they may need you to get an independent medical examination even if you have already gone to see a doctor of your choice. They may also want you to give a recorded statement regarding the accident and your injuries. It is important that you work with the insurer or else they could deny your claim. However, you can always speak with your Dallas motor vehicle accident lawyer so you know what you should and should not say to the insurance company. 

For more information regarding passenger car injuries, please speak with a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Dallas, Texas from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC now.