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Personal Injury Claims Lawyer Arlington TXThe number one thing to remember is that in a personal injury claim the major goal is for you to seek medical treatment and heal from your injuries.  Finding a lawyer, like a personal injury attorney Arlington TX trusts, in your area will help set you up with a treatment facility to get the extent of you injuries and to begin treatment.

The attorney will investigate the claim and gather information that can help make your claim stand on its own. Your attorney will help get witness statements, police reports and 911 calls. Depending on the firm you go with, they may also do a more in depth investigation, gathering social media, requesting driving records, and taking photos of the accident location. This will also be the area where any problems with the case arise and your attorney should know if the case will be able to move forward or maybe they are not the right fit. If your case does not end up going to litigation, this will be the most time consuming.

Once treatment is completed medical records and billing from all related medical facilities will be gathered and a demand will be written for damages that we accumulated as a result of the 3rd party negligence. Any future medical costs will also be calculated and added to the demand. After sending the demand, most insurance companies will respond within a month either with an offer or at least a response to the demand. Negotiations will start.

There are often questions about how much money one person receives from a personal injury settlement. There are caps on regular insurance claims. Most people have a cap of thirty thousand for any opposing party bodily injury. There are cases of an umbrella policy which includes more than just vehicle, there can also be a choice to request more than just the minimum insurance cap. If you were involved in an 18 wheeler accident, that will be under a business policy which would be more. Opposing parties do not have to tell you what the policy limits are unless you go to litigation and discovery is requested.

If you feel that the insurance company has offered an adequate amount for your pain and suffering, accepting the offer is the logical choice. The next step would be to file the case with the court system and start the litigation process. However, your attorney would be able to calculate how much you will be receiving in your pocket and how much will go to paying the medical providers and other costs associated with your case. Just because you settle for a certain amount does not mean that’s what you will be getting. There are attorney’s fee, medical records retrieval costs, and any other hard costs. There are generally unpaid medical bills that will need to be retracted from the final settlement.

Once an agreement has been reached, your attorney will accept the offer. The check will be sent to your attorney from the Brandy Austin Law Firm PLLC where they will disburse the settlement as necessary.