Post-Divorce Lawyers in Arlington, TX

Post-Divorce Lawyers Arlington, TX Post-Divorce Lawyers Arlington, TX

Dealing with child support after your divorce can be difficult without the help of post-divorce lawyers in Arlington, TX from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. If you and your spouse are divorcing and you are the parents of minor children, you are almost certainly concerned about the ways in which your split is impacting them now and will impact them in the future. You are not alone. Millions of American parents have struggled with these same worries. Thankfully, there are usually proactive steps you can take in order to minimize the stresses that your divorce may place upon your kids. In addition, there are usually proactive steps you can take that will minimize the stresses that your divorce may place upon you as well. To get help during your divorce, speak with Divorce Lawyers Arlington, TX.

For example, you are likely preoccupied by the financial challenges associated with transitioning from a two-parent household to two single-parent households. The post-divorce lawyers Arlington, Texas relies on know that this new arrangement will almost certainly require some creative problem solving and dedication to making sure that your income, debts, and general financial obligations are in order. If you have concerns that you may be asked to pay spousal support or child support, it will benefit you to speak with your attorney about these potential obligations. Every jurisdiction handles both spousal support and child support differently. And even if your jurisdiction calculates these obligations according to a specific formula, your family’s unique circumstances and your child’s particular needs may warrant an exception to this general method of support calculation.

The most surefire way to limit your child support obligations is to become your child’s primary residential parent. This means that, regardless of legally defined custody designation titles, your child sleeps at your residence more days out of the year than he or she sleeps at your former spouse’s residence. As child support formulas almost always result in favorable outcomes for the parent who houses a child more than 50 percent of the time, this is one way to keep any child support obligations you may be asked to assume low. Similarly, if you are not in a position to house your child 51 percent of the time or more, housing him or her as much as possible will likely impact your child support obligations for the better. Speak with our post-divorce lawyers Arlington, TX residents trust for more information. 

The other primary effort you can make in attempting to keep your child support obligations as low as they can be is to explain your situation to your attorney. You certainly want to support your child as much as you can, but your means may be limited by any number of factors. Perhaps you cannot work much due to a disability or perhaps you assumed a great deal of medical debt when your child suffered from illness as an infant. The more information that your attorney is made aware of, the better he or she can advocate on your behalf.

Legal Counsel Is Available From the Arlington, TX Post-Divorce Lawyers

If you have questions about child support obligations after your divorce, please consider speaking with the Arlington post-divorce lawyers. Lawyers who specialize in family legal matters in your area will be best able to advise you of both your legal options and any unique standards regularly upheld in your jurisdiction. No two families are exactly the same, so it is perhaps unsurprising that no two family legal challenges are exactly the same. Please contact a local post-divorce lawyer in Arlington, TX from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC about your family’s unique circumstances and needs.


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