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Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents can cause serious injuries, and sometimes death. Because a bicyclist doesn’t have a seatbelt and metal frame to support him or her like an automobile driver does, a collision is going to be far more serious for the bicyclist than the motorist. If you were involved in a bicycle accident, it’s important you call the police. One reason is so you have a first responder on the scene who can offer first aid and medical assistance to those who need it. Another reason is to obtain a police report.

Not every area requires the responding officer to make a report for a bicycle accident. If the officer at the scene of your accident isn’t planning to make a report, ask him or her to make one anyway. It’s your responsibility sometimes to ensure it gets done. The following are three reasons why it’s an important document.

  1. It Can Help Determine Fault

When there are two biased parties in an accident, it is going to be hard to determine fault. If there’s an officer who offers an unbiased account of what happened, that could aid in fairly determining fault. The officer may look for clues or speak with witnesses who can help him or her decide how the accident took place and who is to blame.

  1. It May Offer Proof of Injuries

To prove the accident caused injuries, the officer can note in his or her report the damages noticed at the scene. If your arm is cut and bleeding, it will be noted. If you feel pain in your abdomen, you can mention it to the officer and it can be included in the report. A report containing mentions of your injuries, paired with information from your doctor, is going to be some good evidence of injury.

  1. It Could Contain Witness Information

Your lawyer may want to question witnesses one more time. The police report should hold names and contact information for the individuals who witnessed your accident. If some of their statements were not included in the initial report, they could be helpful in your case and should be taken by your lawyer or private investigator.

Getting Your Lawyer’s Help

Whether you’re trying to get your hands on the police report from your accident without success, or already have the report and need help getting your case put together, a lawyer can help.