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After a car accident, once you begin your personal injury case there are several players apart from your lawyer that together, create the argument that your attorney uses to sway negotiations in his or her favor to your benefit. Your attorney will act as a liaison and provide direction as it is also up to you to commit to the attorney’s directions and make your visits to the various screenings, examinations, and appointment for doctor treatment. Listed below are some of the many players in your run of the mill personal injury case:

Medical doctor: Doctors are individuals that find themselves between a rock and a hard place in terms of personal injury cases. Because documentation and reports in personal injury cases is extensive and expensive, most doctors prefer to stay out of care and treatment regarding car crashes and certain other acts of negligence. However, when it comes to compensation from insurance companies an adjuster requires a doctor approval in the determination for the compensation amount.

Insurance company: They can be either for you or against you, but it’s the insurance companies that dish out the compensation for auto accidents which pay both your lawyer and you. While your lawyer will be gathering evidence, insurance companies perform their own investigations which if it’s the insurer of the opposing party, it’s usually to hurt you and protect the assets of the company. Insurance adjusters use plenty of underhanded tactics that you probably wouldn’t expect so it’s important to follow the advice of your lawyer to a “T.”

Specialist physician: Different from your general health doctor, these specialists (usually a chiropractor, orthopedist, or neurologist) provide the expert opinion and examinations that cement the case and its findings. Seeing these specialists will usually result in the finding of an as of yet to be discovered complication in your health. These findings benefit your case providing strength to negotiations and increasing the value of your possible compensation offer by the opposing party’s insurance company.

Client (you): As the injured individual whom the personal injury case will be revolving around. Your job is to focus on treatment (for your own sake) and following the advice of the attorney. This means attending all appointments, gathering records and documentation that only you can provide and send to your attorney. There are other passive, everyday actions you need to commit to as well including not commenting about your case on social media, not posting any kind of picture that suggests an injured art of the body is not injured, or giving out any requested information without your lawyer’s consent.

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