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The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be just as stressful as the accident itself. Dealing with a motorcycle accident is just like any other vehicular accident. Get out of harm’s way and call 911. Get medical assistance and take care of your injuries first. You’ll want to make sure to get the police records for the accident. Exchange contact information with the other drivers and get witness information. Take pictures of the incident. Write down anything you can remember about the accident as soon as you can while it is still fresh in your mind.

Once the immediacy of the accident is over, you’ve got to think about dealing with the insurance company. Medical bills may be piling up while you’re recovering. What steps should you take to protect your rights and get the compensation that is rightfully yours?

Don’t Admit Fault 

Whether you’re talking to the insurance adjuster or a police officer, only state what happened. Be careful about apologizing, which can seem like you’re taking responsibility for the accident. Don’t make assumptions about the other driver, either. Just give the facts. You may remember more later, which is perfectly normal. Add to your notes as you remember details and make a note of the date when you do remember.

Keep a File of Information 

Put hard copies of medical bills and reports in a safe place. Any digital pictures or video that you take, save to the cloud or email to yourself to prevent losing them on a device. Have a place for all the information you collect, from the insurance company, lawyers and doctors. Get a system in place, because you want to be able to document your financial situation.

Do Contact Your Own Insurance Company 

Even if you weren’t at fault, you should contact your insurance company. This is part of documenting the accident, and it helps you if the other driver claims the accident was your fault. The insurance company can help you keep records of witnesses and other information, which will help you as the claim moves forward. You may have insurance that covers part of your claim, in case of an uninsured motorist.

Do Talk to a Lawyer 

A motorcycle accident can be complicated. It is always helpful to talk to a lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer from Patterson Bray, about your claim to protect your rights and find the best possible outcome for your accident. A consultation is usually free and can help you make better decisions.