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Getting a speeding ticket can most certainly put a dent in your day. From the embarrassment of getting pulled over to possibly having to pay the fine, it is an untimely inconvenience for anyone. Most of the time when someone receives a speeding ticket, they end up paying the fine associated with it. In some instances, it is worth it to contest the speeding ticket in court.

You do have a right to fight a citation in court and doing this usually can lead to minimizing fees, eliminating fees, or having less of an impact on your driving record. In Georgia, it is common practice that the courts hold up the evidence of the police officer’s speeding detector to get a conviction. With this being the case, it can be more difficult to fight a citation in court. In this regard, it is usually best to negotiate the citation defense with the prosecutor. 

Some options you have with negotiating your speeding citation defense are requesting a zero points violation and negotiating a reduction in speed. A zero points violation occurs when a judge orders that the points from the citation be removed from a person’s driving record. This is a great tactic to keep your driving record in good standing, even though the citation itself will remain on your record. Insurance companies will still be able to see the speeding citation details.

The second option is to negotiate a reduction in the speed notated on the citation. In this instance, the speed reduction will be what is transferred to your driving record. An example of this would be getting a speeding ticket reduced from 95 to 75 in a 60 mile an hour speed zone. This option when done successfully can not only reduce the points but also decrease the fine entailed with the speeding citation as well.

While frustrating, speeding tickets are to be handled to avoid several punishments like suspended licenses, or even warrants for arrests should you fail to pay or attend the court hearing listed. There are attorneys that you can speak with to discuss all of your legal options and possibly have everything reduced or removed from your record. Should you or anyone you receive a speeding ticket, contact a criminal lawyer, such as from The Lynch Law Group, to discuss what options to have to alleviate the concern regarding your license, driving records, or possibly even your finances in connection to the ticket fee amount.