Attorney Liaisons

Christine Wilson

Attorney Liaisons

Hello! My name is Christine, and I am one of the Attorney Liaisons here at the Brandy Austin Law Firm. I’m 29 years old and a Texas native. I was born in Fort Worth but ended up moving around quite a bit during my childhood to my early twenties, all over the DFW area. Fun fact: I have lived in every city/town from Godley to North Richland Hills.

Growing up, I was blessed with not two but three, wonderful parents. My mother Stephanie and my father Gary, who unfortunately divorced when I was very young. She then met the man I would later call my stepfather, Justin. Or as I like to call him, my bonus dad. Each of them still very active in my life and I don’t know what I would do without them. I am the oldest of two children. My sister Jordan, who also happens to be my best friend, impresses me every day with the person she’s come to be and continues to teach me more about life than I feel I teach her. How is that?! I am extremely family-oriented and I truly cherish the quality time we are frequently able to spend together. We are constantly laughing, teasing and cutting up with one another.

I attended Godley School District the first half of my life and then transferred to good ol’ Joshua come middle school. If you don’t know where either of those towns are, it’s okay, most people don’t. I’ll just say, I’m a small-town, downhome country girl. I did stay put long enough to graduate from Joshua High. Throughout the school years, I tried a variety of sports, just about all of them in fact. I guess you could say I was trying to figure out where I thought I belonged. Always being an active child and looking for something challenging, I never seemed to stay put with any one thing for too long. Therefore, I had to try everything…softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and track. I also found an early fascination with dance, so my parents sought out a dance studio close to home and I enrolled. Of course, in true Christine fashion, I had to take every class they offered! That fascination quickly turned into a passion, because while sports never really leave you, dance is the one thing I still actively participate in today. Whether it’s trying to cheer someone up, out on the dancefloor or just enjoying my food.

Upon graduating high school, I decided to attend Tarrant County College to become a Registered Dental Assistant. Like most teenagers, I fell victim to the dreaded brace face stage in life. However, unlike most teens, I enjoyed having braces and became infatuated with the orthodontic process. Which led to my interest and career in dentistry. I have been working in the dental field for the last ten years, jumping back and forth between pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. I finally made the decision to go in a different direction though, because I felt it was time for a change. After seeking new opportunities for months, I happened to stumble upon the law firm. Having an ongoing obsession with anything criminal justice related as I do, this felt like a dream come true!

One of my greatest and most followed passions has been fitness. I purchased my first gym membership and started working out in late 2009, toward the end of my senior year in high school. At first it was just something to keep me active, something to get me out of the house. Little did I know that after years of countless gym memberships, sometimes having multiple at one time, I would eventually discover what has become my second home and a new love. I finally found Metroflex in Fort Worth, otherwise known as The Castle, in 2016. Much like everything else, you guessed it, I couldn’t commit to only one style of training. I had to explore a few and this was the perfect gym to do so. Bodybuilding, CrossFit and conditioning would have to be my favorites! Most of my workouts consist of a good mixture between the three. Fitness has doubled as my source of therapy over the years as well and has helped me through so much. Not a bad hobby to have I suppose, one that pushes you, keeps you healthy and sane? I’m still constantly learning new things in the gym and that is one of my favorite things about fitness. Since finding Metro, one of my biggest accomplishments while putting my hobby to use would have to be competing for my first time in the Hyrox. A grueling, strength and conditioning obstacle course that takes major mental and physical strength. One of my favorite quotes that I feel fits not only my fitness journey but also life in general is, “Strength is overcoming the things you once thought that you couldn’t”, and I continuously show myself just how true this is every day.

Remaining so active in the gym eventually led me to meet someone who would become of much importance, my boyfriend! Yes, it was one of those typical “we met at the gym” stories but we knew not long after meeting that it was something special. I met my forever gym partner, Martese, in 2019. We currently live in Burleson with our fur baby, Koda. Although we share a love for fitness since that’s what brought us together, you can usually find us binge watching our favorite drama or crime TV shows on Netflix, spending time with the pup or whipping something delicious in the kitchen. You may even catch us out on the dancefloor on the weekends, country dancing. He’s my handsome Maryland born man, but he just might be a true Texan after all.

Being given this opportunity is such an excitement for me and I’m so thankful to finally be here. While most of the TV shows are not realistic, it did initially spark my interest in criminal justice. I’m not sure just yet what it is specifically about law that intrigues me but I’m certain this will help me find out. I’m eager and ready to discover all I can while being a part of this team and seeing where it might lead me in the future. Even though it is a new field for me and completely different than my routine the last decade, I have a good feeling about this new adventure. I look forward to meeting and working with all of our new and existing clients.