Kassandra Miller

Kassandra Miller

I am Kassandra Miller, proud employee of The Brandy Austin Law Firm currently located in Arlington. I work in the Billing Department, I am also a criminal law legal assistant as well as a legal assistant for personal injury department in dealing with post litigation, and settlement.

On August 10th will be a year since I started working for Mrs. Austin and throughout that year I have acquired legal knowledge that helps me do better for not only me but the clients as well. I am able to explain the legal process to those who are not sure about the legal process. In other words, those who do not speak legalese (this is considered Attorney/Courts speak).

Now that I have explain my job I can share with you a bit about who I am. When I was little, I often traveled with my father because he was an over the road truck driver so I am well-traveled having been to most of the continental United States excluding four States. The States I have not traveled to are the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming. Being well traveled has given me an appreciation for the vast diversities of people. Growing up primarily in Texas of which I was borne and mostly raised, travelling in our country, all over culturally speaking their differences from just state to state are vastly different. We may mostly all speak the same language; however, the differences in dialects is there.

What I do in my free time is I enjoy hockey, baseball, and working mechanically on cars. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, and I really love reading sci-fi and mystery books. I have a passion for reading and have my entire life. It’s a form of escape but you are able to rehearsed in numerous cultures, places, events and it’s a hobby that I feel I will forever engage in.  An important factor in my life would be spending quality time with my family members. I am the youngest sibling of five children and not having any children of my own allows me the opportunity to spoil my nieces and nephews. I am closest with my oldest sister for she was my main caregiver as a child and growing into an adult. We spend a lot of time together doing many outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, photo shoots for my niece and tons of football, basketball and baseball games for my nephews.

I enjoy working on home improvements, vehicles and really enjoy going to car shows. I have been told numerous times that I am a tomboy but I enjoy getting pedicures, manicures and cooking also. I enjoy learning new things and enjoy new experiences. I was raised to rely on yourself to get things accomplished so I’m rehearsed in many gender-neutral activities.

I graduated from premier High School located in Fort Worth with Honors. I also attended Tarrant County College for a year and a half and with the demand of living decided to gain experience in the actual workforce day to day. I enjoy being able to assist people within the legal field and reassuring people in their time of need. As the Firm Billing Assistant, you have to be able to provide the clients comfort in knowing that their case is proceeding forward within the direction that they wish for it to proceed. When people see their bills they often become confused and frustrated with the legal process. I find comfort in speaking with them and providing them the knowledge that they are not alone.

As I discussed earlier, being the youngest of five siblings I was found myself in the emergency room quite often from either getting hit in the forehead by a Frisbee and needing stitches or falling off of my bicycle trying to keep up with the older siblings. I have had stitches numerous times opposed to my oldest siblings whom never seemed to have any ailments. The protection from my older siblings was trying at times. I will forever be known as the baby of the family and at times that can be difficult on its own. I love being able to share our childhood stories with my nieces and nephews. I also enjoy seeing the karma unfold within their children and having the luxury to having a front row seat to my sibling’s demise. There is a thirteen-year difference between myself and my oldest sister; therefore, my age allows me to understand my nieces and nephews a lot more than their parents. I am the fun-loving Auntie yet they are able to confide in me. I really enjoy being their go to person for advice or mediator between them and their parents.

As a child, I grew up wanting to become a Veterinarian. I love the unconditional love that comes from animals and I find great comfort in all animals alike. My life’s passion has always been to assist people and animals. I had a brief encounter whereas I wanted to work as a Social worker for Child Protective Services or children that struggled in poverty or abusive homes. However, my heart simply could not take the burden of not being able to personally save each child. Therefore, the next best thing is finding a career that is able to at least assist with the legal process one case at a time.

If I had to pick anywhere in the United States to live I would choose either Hawaii or Arizona. I am naturally constantly cold all the time so I prefer warm places throughout the year. I enjoy the warmth that Texas provides but the humidity that comes with the Texas heat is something that I most certainly could do without. I have a five-year plan in place to find my niche, possibly start a family of my own and discover what I am able to offer this world. I am a Christian and I have a duty to assist my community and I simply have to fine tune what I am able to do during my lifetime.