Case Manager

Tina was born and raised in a small town in Georgia. Growing up with five siblings, Tina honed her negotiation skills at an early age. Growing up in a large family taught her teamwork. We have all heard the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” in our professional careers. No place is this more evident than in a small house full of kids. In a home of seven people there was always a large pile of laundry, a sink full of dishes and a long list of chores – we had to find a way to work together and communicate effectively to get the job done. If not, we would have been walking around in dirty clothes and eating off the floor. As a middle child, in a house with eleven people, communication was key. Communication is hard, even as a seasoned professional. It’s a skill that continues to contribute to Tina’s success in her role as a claim’s adjuster.

Tina’s interest in person injury was formed when she was 16 and a victim of a drunk driver in a head on collision. She found herself faced with having to learn how to walk again combined with the fact that she didn’t know who to turn or how she was going to pay for the thousands of dollars of medical bills. She was alone without the proper help. Little did she know that this experience would later lead her to her career.

Tina keeps busy outside of work with her passion for home renovations, gardening, boot scooting, taking care of her dog and socializing with family and friends. All of her hobbies have taught her life lessons over the years.
Tina has had the rewarding experience of buying homes that had lost their luster, been ignored and brought them back to life. Tina’s experience with a large family gave her some insight into how to create a functional floor plan and what amenities would bring the most joy to a family. Her communication and negotiation skills contributed to each successful real estate transaction and remodeling project.

Tina’s love for gardening taught her the lesson that optimism is important. You have to believe that your perennials will come back every year.

Tina’s love for dancing taught her determination, confidence, and precision. You can’t be a sloppy dancer and her a good dancer. Tina’s dedication to being a good dancer has kept her young and ready to meet all the challenges that the day may bring.

Tina moved to Texas right after finishing high school and started her career in banking. Tina thrived at the bank and built authentic relationships with her customers. It wasn’t too long before an opportunity presented itself that struck a powerful cord. A personal injury attorney offered her a job. When Tina began down this new road, she vowed to become the person she had needed when she experienced her injuries. Tina’s powerful experience as a teenager left her an understanding of how one accident can change your life instantly and leave you in financial distress.

Tina feels blessed every day to use her personal and career experiences to help clients get the compensation they deserve for injuries resulting from the actions of others.

Tina’s professional success has allowed her to pursue all her passions and raise a daughter who now resides in El Paso.