Tyler Green


Tyler Green was born, raised, and graduated high school in the small town of Dawson, Texas, south of Fort Worth. As in any small town, if you are breathing, you are likely playing all the sports the school needed you for. He played football, baseball, cross-country, track, and helped to start both the boys’ and girls’ high school golf teams. He also won a multitude of awards in academic competitions for UIL and FFA. He was very involved in the community and volunteered to coach several youth sport teams. During his free class periods, Tyler would also assist in a program developed to uplift pre-k through fifth grade students who were encountering difficulties on a variety of topics through tutoring and mentorship. After hearing about the concept of the ‘dual-credit’ program, he helped convince the school board to incorporate college courses into their regular curriculum, providing his peers and him better preparation for their collegiate endeavors.  

At seventeen years old and with the gracious support of FFA donor scholarships, Tyler turned down a golf scholarship in favor of attending Texas A&M. His goal in undergrad was to take course-work specific to pursuing a career in the legal field. While studying, Tyler always worked at least part-time in between classes and spent his one free summer in a business internship to assist local small businesses. 

Two years into school, Tyler took a hiatus to join the US Army as a Combat Engineer. After completing basic and advanced individual training, Tyler graduated with the top leadership award for his class. He immediately began pre-deployment training in El Paso, Texas, and then deployed to Afghanistan to take part in combat operations in search of improvised explosive devices and protect the local populace. During his off time, he took time to get to know and train the troops of the Afghan National Army in the hopes of helping the local population build strong communities and keep their families safe.

Once the deployment was completed, Tyler returned to Texas A&M. While working part-time and still serving in the Army Reserves, Tyler graduated with honors and held an officer position within the honors program. During his free time, he continued to volunteer within the community, including assisting a local theater group in set construction and play writing.

Upon graduating, Tyler set his sights on getting admitted into a law school within Texas. He was accepted at Texas Tech School of Law, but in the interim found employment as a Job Developer at Catholic Charities Fort Worth. His job duties included procuring employment opportunities for veterans, the homeless, refugees, and those seeking to better themselves. He proactively met and partnered with DFW businesses to assist with their employment needs and also provided training programs for those seeking Catholic Charities Fort Worth’s services. 

During his time at Catholic Charities, he was lucky enough to be put in a cubicle that was right next to Zoey….. whom he is blessed to now call his wife! 

After finishing his time at Catholic Charities, Tyler left the DFW area and headed to Lubbock to attend the Texas Tech School of Law. During his studies, Tyler placed an emphasis on taking courses to better help future clients through civil litigation. He also participated in student organizations, held multiple student organization officer positions, and competed in a national moot court competition. He enjoyed electives and competitions in the emerging field of space law as well!  

In addition to continuing to serve in the Army Reserves, Tyler sought out employment in the legal field to garner experience. He was first hired as a law clerk at a civil litigation firm during his second year of law school. During that time, Tyer was responsible for writing demand letters, researching complex legal issues, and drafting a variety of pre-litigation and litigation documents on behalf of his clients’ interests. From the beginning, Tyler was primarily involved with personal injury cases and found great joy in assisting clients through difficult times, and he saw his work as an opportunity to passionately advocate for his clients.

During his third year of law school, Tyler received permission from the Texas Bar to attend legal proceedings and advocate for his clients under the supervision of his firm’s attorneys. During his final year of law school, Tyler was honorably discharged from the Army and celebrated by growing long hair and a beard! 

Upon graduation, Tyler took the Texas State Bar, passed on his first attempt, and then passed the Uniform Bar Exam to extend his ability to practice in multiple states. He continued his legal career as an attorney, having been promoted by the civil litigation firm he clerked for, with a primary focus on personal injury law. Within a few months, Tyler was trying his own case before a jury and practicing appellate law before the Supreme Court of Texas. 

While practicing in Lubbock, Tyler and Zoey worked with multiple non-profits in the area with an emphasis on assisting in building community relationships and uplifting families’ economic and social situations. After practicing as an attorney in Lubbock for years, Tyler and Zoey decided it was time to come home to be closer to family and friends in the DFW area. 

In his off time, Tyler enjoys reading, playing video games, binging a good TV series, lifting weights, hiking, training in longsword dueling, golf, and anything that gets him outside. However, Tyler says that since he left the military, no one can force him do cardio anymore! Whenever he has the time, he tries to cook new recipes, and Zoey is supportive enough to pretend to enjoy it. Their Great Dane puppy, Lana, is more than happy to help should a recipe not go as planned!

At the Brandy Austin Law Firm, Tyler is maintaining his focus on personal injury law and continues to thoughtfully expand into other areas of civil litigation. Having suffered a serious back injury during his military service, he wants to make sure the clients he represents are well taken care of and empathetically assisted from the start of representation at the firm, through the resolution of the case. He understands the importance of considering long-term implications of an injury. Tyler believes in being open and honest with his clients while navigating complex legal issues and making sure his clients truly understand the process so that they can make the best decisions for their cases.

Tyler Green

We have had the pleasure of working with the Brandy Austin Law Firm on three occasions with various legal issues. We have always been treated with respect and empathy. We can’t say enough positive about Jennifer Lowe or Trey. Wonderful people to work with. Would very highly recommend.

Gary Quillin