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Workers’ Compensation

An injury of any kind can do more than prove inconvenient – it can also cost you. Depending on the circumstances leading to the incident, you may find yourself seriously hurt. The result could be weeks — or even months — of medical appointments, rehabilitation, and missed work. The bills associated with treatment may have drained your reserves months ago and with no income coming in, you may be in serious trouble. While the incident happened during work hours, it wasn’t on company property. This does not rule out a valid workers’ compensation claim. This article will give examples of the times that your accident may qualify for coverage, even if it didn’t happen at the job site.

Running Errands for Your Boss 

On your way out to lunch, your boss asks you to step into the office and discuss a special project. Perhaps they want you to pick up some important paperwork while you’re out or drop something off at one location and pick something up at another. Regardless of the task, if your boss asks you to do it, there is a good chance you will, even if it cuts into your free time. Getting hurt while out at lunch may be covered by workers’ compensation if you were also doing something that a superior asked you to do. The exception to this is if you are involved in an incident on your way to a restaurant where you are not conducting company business.

Outside the Building

The weather may have gone from mild temperatures to freezing overnight. Because this cold front was unexpected, the proper measures weren’t taken to help dispel any ice from forming. When traversing the steps at the threshold of your office, you slip and fall on a particularly hard to see a patch of ice. If you were on your way to work, the fall might be covered by workers’ compensation, especially if your employer owns the building and did not clear the hazard.

On Your Way to or from a Work Event 

Suffering an accident to or from your job location is typically not covered under workers’ comp. The exceptions include performing an errand for the boss, as stated above, or traveling to or from a mandatory work event offsite. Even going to holiday parties that feel like they require your attendance may reach the workers’ compensation carrier’s parameters for coverage.

Feeling unsure about whether your claim qualifies? Seek the help of a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer, like a workers’ compensation lawyer in Racine, WI, for help. If you are eligible for benefits, your situation may go from dire to hopeful soon.

Thanks to Hickey & Turim for their insight into knowing when your injury could be covered under workers’ compensation.