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What Are Common Reasons Truck Drivers Cause Trucking Accidents?

Trucking Accident Lawyer Arlington, TexasA dedicated trucking accident lawyer Arlington, TX residents trust understands that truck accident injury cases can be complex and difficult to maneuver. It takes a skilled negotiator and litigator to be able to deal with the multiple parties that may be at-fault for a truck accident, as well as deal with all their insurance carriers. The Brandy Austin Law Firm has been successfully fighting for truck accident victims for years and can do the same for you and your family.

An experienced trucking accident lawyer Arlington, TX victims rely on knows that, depending on the circumstances, there is often more than one at-fault party in trucking accidents, including the truck driver, the truck company, the cargo company, or even a truck manufacturer and all or some may hold responsibility for a truck accident.

Common Reasons for Trucking Accidents

A trucking accident lawyer in Arlington, TX has likely worked on many cases where the truck driver caused the trucking accident. In fact, national statistics show that truck drivers are responsible for more than half of all fatal crashes that happen each year. Studies find the most common reason truck drivers cause trucking accidents include:

  • Fatigued driving: A trucking accident lawyer Arlington, TX locals prefer knows that despite federal regulations limiting the number of hours a truck driver can be on the road, they often suffer from fatigue. Even with these regulations a driver can be on the road up to 11 hours per day. Worse, many trucking companies put undue pressure on drivers to keep unrealistic schedules, causing many of them to take prescription and over-the counter drugs to stay awake.
  • Speeding: Many truck accidents are caused because of truck driver speeding which again, is often caused by the driver feeling pressured to meet an almost impossible delivery schedule. These massive vehicles take much longer than other vehicles to slow down or come to a complete stop, so when a driver is speeding, the consequences can be deadly.
  • Distracted driving: Unfortunately, distracted driving is just as prevalent for truck drivers as it is for other vehicle drivers. Talking, texting, fiddling with the radio, are all distractions that can cause a driver lose focus on the road in front of him, often with catastrophic results.
  • Inexperienced or untrained drivers: Another common cause of truck accidents is that the driver has not been properly trained or have enough experience behind the wheel. Tractor trailers are difficult to handle and it is critical for everyone’s safety that the person behind the wheel knows exactly what he or she is doing. It should never be “on-the-job training” for a truck driver responsible for an enormous vehicle.

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