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Whether it is bankruptcy, civil or criminal the first thing to understand with any new client is that most likely they have never done anything like this before. For most people, this will be their first experience with a law firm and you will be their first real experience with an Arlington family lawyer. Most potential new clients will have opinions and misconceptions of what it means to be an attorney. Through television shows, commercials for other offices and movies some prospective clients will know what it is that you do, but that’s okay! You can use this knowledge as a platform to build a great relationship with them, because the more upfront and honest with you are with them the more respect and trust you will get.

Being upfront with your clients and potential client will be the hardest, easy thing to achieve. Movies and television often portray lawyers as shady corruptible liars, so it is important to build trust and beat those misconceptions. Providing a free consultation can be a great way to break down those barriers. The first meeting can be the most important and influential one with your soon to be client. Take the time to listen to their needs and if you can try not to comment as they are talking. Take notes on the things that seem most important to your prospective new

Client and take the last half of the consultation to discuss those things. It’s important to validate your clients’ feelings and speak to them with understanding and patients. Remember your clients are coming to you in possible the worst time in their lives financially, socially, and emotionally. Making sure your clients see that you do understand that you are there for them is very important. Transparency is vitally important. It is difficult to make sure they understand what is going on. Keeping new clients informed is one of the most important things you can do and it starts with the first consultation. If they don’t understand you or what is going on that leaves potential for distrust, making them feel uncomfortable, which you want to avoid.

It takes a lot of courage for someone to be able to come in or even call a law firm. It can be intimidating for most. Remember that anyone calling for assistance is vulnerable and that sharing that with a complete stranger is brave. Speak to them like a friend, stay calm and speak in a steady manner. Be receptive to their mood and acknowledge their feelings. The calmer you remain the calmer they will be. Being a positive force in their time of need is the best thing you can do. It will spread the word and clients will return to your firm over and over again.

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