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Criminal Defense Lawyer

It has been my experience that too often clients do not appreciate the seriousness of the obligations imposed upon them by the court nor do they consider the dire consequences of a violation of one or more of the conditions of their release.

Yesterday a client was arrested for violation of his probation and is in custody on a $250,000.00 bond unable, thus far, to post that amount.  He went to Court without me, the case has been continued for two weeks, at which time I will appear to argue for a reduction of the bail amount.

He has not been violated for technical violations, something minor, such as missing a meeting with his probation officer or neglecting to attend a counseling session.  In fact he has been employed and has scrupulously reported as required.

Rather, while on probation, he has been arrested on two separate occasion and those matters are pending in another Court.  He was free on bond until his arrest yesterday. Violations of this nature are considered to be very serious and he is facing prison time of a significant length.

I did not represent him on the original offense for which he was imprisoned for years and then entered probation.  I represent him on the pending charges and now on this violation of probation.

As a probationer he has a right to be treated in a respectful and professional manner, free of any force of harassment, bias or discrimination because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, place of birth, disability or political views.

There is no claim that any of his rights have been violated.

On the charge of violation of probation the defendant does not have the right to request a jury trial nor does the prosecutor have to prove the violation beyond a reasonable doubt.  The defendant has a right to a hearing. The choice of an attorney takes on the utmost importance. The defendant may have been careless or stupid but his attorney must set aside these possibilities and passionately believe that justice will not be served by the incarceration of his client.  Any experienced criminal lawyer will be fully aware of the applicable law but experience is only one ingredient necessary for a defense in these extreme circumstances.

You must choose a criminal defense lawyer in Connecticut who believes in you and in rescuing you from the maw of the legal system even though you may have placed yourself in the judicial line of fire.