What is defamation?

  • What is defamation?An act of injuring a person’s reputation by making a false statement. A defamation statement can be made by verbally spoken words, or written words.

Can I sue for defamation even if it was done on the internet?

  • Yes, just as long as you know the name of the person making a defamatory statement. You may also have to prove at a later date, that the the person you sued is the person who wrote the defamatory statement online.


What do I have to prove if I am a public figure or public official?

  • Celebrities, politicians, high-ranking or powerful government officials are generally considered public figures/officials and are required to prove actual malice.
  • Actual Malice “knowing that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.”

If I am a private citizen what do I have to prove?

  • required to prove negligence

How long does a defamation case last?

  • Like any case in litigation, a defamation case would last at least a year or more.