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History of Earth Day

The first earth day was in April 1970 marking the beginning of environmental protections in our country. Earth day was established in an attempt to force our country to see the devastating effects that pollution was having on our environment. In December of 1970 a new agency was created to help the country investigate and control the pollution our society was putting out. Before the Environmental Protection Agency and congress recognizing what pollution was doing to our environment the states worked on legislation to protect the environment. The Clean Water Act eventually came into effect and protected water ways from factories dumping their waste into rivers and neighborhood creeks. The EPA can create regulations and statutes that they believe will protect our environment.

Why do we care?

What they are protecting isn’t just the air we breathe but also the animals on our planet and the plant life. We know there is a cycle to how life on our planet survives and thrives and the EPA is trying to protect that. Global warming has been a topic of discussion for many years now with the EPA doing what they can to promote legislation to slow the impact global warming has on our environment. Global warming will change many things for us as a human species such as rising sea levels, crops changing location of harvest, and temperatures rising. If we as a species don’t act and take care of our planet there is a possibility for mass extinction. Earth day is an opportunity for us to come together and acknowledge what we are doing to our planet and work to make a change.

What can we all do?

On this day you can spend time in a park or in a garden planting or take some time to clean up your local park and neighborhoods. Taking time to spread the word about the importance of a clean environment could save more species than just ours. Communities all over the country come together on this day to work together and make a difference. The American Bar Association works with a program called SEER which works with communities and corporations on projects like trash clean up, and information on resource laws. Earth day should be celebrated everyday but with our busy lives sometimes it can be difficult to think of all the things that need to be done in the world. If we work together, we can make a change for the better and support our planet in recovery.

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