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 What Personal Injuries Receive a Settlement?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Cases

There are many different personal injuries that may be eligible for compensation. When another person or organization causes an injury to someone then they should be held accountable. When they are held accountable for their negligent actions or error in judgment then the victim can feel that things are being made right. This is especially important so that a victim can be made whole again financially, physically, and mentally through this unfortunate occurrence.

Injuries Eligible

Some of the more common injuries that may receive a settlement result from the following:

  • Construction Accidents – Accidents are common on construction sites especially when personnel are trained poorly or machinery malfunctions. 
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents – When a pedestrian or bicycle rider is struck by a vehicle then significant compensation may be eligible for this victim.
  • Motorcycle and Vehicle Accidents – Injuries are common in motor vehicle collisions and accidents.
  • Premises Liability Incidents – Property owners are required to ensure their properties are free from any obstructions are obstacles that may injure someone. If you or someone you know were injured on the premises of a property then consider reaching out to an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area for guidance. 
  • Product Defect Injuries – An incorrectly manufactured product can lead to injuries. 
  • Nursing Home Abuse – Nursing homes sometimes have incorrectly trained staff or a lack of staff at their facilities. These factors can lead to transportation injuries for residents or other issues like a lack of water or lack of medicine administered. These things can lead to resident injuries.
  • And more

Types of Compensation in a Settlement

The compensation for these injuries in a settlement will vary from case to case. What usually happens is that a certain amount is determined for pain and suffering. Other compensatory items include lost wages from work while being out injured, and medical costs associated with the injury like therapy sessions, doctor visits, medicines, and surgeries. Property damage to any property that was damaged may also be involved in the settlement. 

Legal Counsel Can Help

Consider reaching out to an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area for assistance. These types of lawyers generally have ample experience and skill in ensuring their clients get what they deserve. Make sure to ask your prospective lawyer about the previous cases they have worked on and about any trouble points that may have been involved