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Pressure cookers are all the rage right now, but they don’t come without risk. While it won’t happen to everyone, pressure cookers have been known to explode in some situations, causing a huge mess and causing anyone nearby to be burned. While a nearby adult may sustain burns to the head and torso, a child could be killed by such an explosion. If you’re the victim in one of these unfortunate situations, the following are some steps you should take.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Call 911 as soon as you are injured by an exploding pressure cooker. If someone is able, have him or her unplug the appliance so as to avoid more injuries and further damage. If wounds are bleeding, put pressure on the affected areas to try to contain it. When the paramedics arrive, give them plenty of space to tend to the injured person. Many burn victims will need extensive care, so be prepared to possibly spend some time in the hospital, attend multiple medical appointments, have surgery or have to undergo other types of serious medical care.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a lot of reasons you should call a personal injury lawyer after you are injured by a pressure cooker. First, you shouldn’t have to pay for the injuries on your own. Chances are the product was defective in some way, didn’t give proper directions or another issue, and that’s why you were injured. There could be a liable party in there somewhere, and your lawyer can help you figure out who was responsible for the accident so you can file a lawsuit.

Second, there may already be a lawsuit against the pressure cooker company. Your lawyer can join forces with those who already represent clients similar to you. With more victims joining the lawsuit, a favorable settlement may be more likely, and it could also make the amount per person larger.

Finally, your lawyer is an advocate for your rights. There’s a possibility a representative from the pressure cooker company will try to contact you with a payout in hopes you’ll drop the lawsuit. While it may seem like a lot of money right then, your lawyer can explain to you how much you’d receive if you won the lawsuit, which is typically a higher amount.

Getting Started Right Away

Pressure cookers can be quite convenient, but they can also be quite dangerous. If you were injured in a pressure cooker incident, contact a personal injury lawyer, like from Davis & Brusca, right away.