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There are many reasons that a person may need a lawyer. You should never hesitate to set up a consultation with one if you think that it could be beneficial to have someone on your side. This includes if you are trying to determine whether a settlement is fair, whether or not you have a case that could go to court, and if you need someone to defend you in court. Continue reading to learn about some of the most common reasons you may need a lawyer on your side. Reach out to a law firm, like Brown Kiely, LLP, to learn more. 

Personal Injury Law

If you or someone you love was involved in an accident that was due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a personal injury case. Some of the most common instances of personal injury cases include car accidents, bicycle accidents, injuries from product defects, dog bites, and slip and fall accidents. Sometimes, these incidents happen at work or on public property, while other times they may happen on private property. Always consult with a lawyer if you have expensive medical bills or are having a difficult recovery because of this. You may be entitled to compensation. Often, personal injury lawyers will offer free consultations to go over your case and then will charge only on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay your lawyer if he or she wins your case. This means it is entirely risk free to have someone helping with your case.  

Criminal Defense Law

If you are accused of committing a crime, you need to have a good criminal defense lawyer on your side. This can make the difference in whether or not you keep many of your freedoms. If you are convicted of a crime, you may have to pay extensive amounts of money or even go to jail for a certain amount of time. You may also be stripped of freedoms in your life such as not being able to be near certain people, not being able to live where you want to, and not being allowed to possess a firearm. 

Estate Planning Law

Estate planning lawyers should be called by anyone with any amount of assets, not only the wealthy. It is important to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of, even after your passing. You should give an estate planning lawyer a call so that you can begin planning well before you need to. This can give you and anyone who depends on you peace of mind. 

Contact a Law Firm to See How They Can Assist You Today

You should reach out to a law firm to see if there is anything a lawyer can help you with. Even if they do not practice the type of law you are trying to find a lawyer for, you can certainly get a referral for another firm that will take your case.