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By: Jocelyn Gaucin

When hearing the term “millenial” stereotypically, one thinks it is an adult that still lives with their parents and that often complains too much. However, a millennial is someone who is generally born in between the years of 1980-1995. So right in that awkward gap between boomers and generation-Z. Although millennials may not have the best reputation, underneath it all they are just a group of people who are exhausted and just want life to be easier for everyone. During this time of year, what to get them for the holidays doesn’t necessarily have to be super fancy. Majority of the time, we are easy to please. But the best ten gifts would have to be:

  1. Bill paid- This may be the most obvious one, but it isn’t exactly that common.
  2. Gift card to an actual place that is essential like a gas station or grocery store and depending on the person, maybe even a Starbucks one if they are huge coffee drinkers. 
  3. Socks- because I mean, who doesn’t love to receive them as gifts?
  4. Candles that are scented to their personal preference and with the weather getting somewhat colder (thanks to climate change), it’s nice to have little pet fires.
  5. Pajamas because they’ve most likely outgrown the ones they received last year (quarantine fifteen)
  6. Phone charger as a result of having the one in your car not working all of a sudden and the struggle to get it in the right angle is almost impossible.
  7. Masks/Hand sanitizer since we are in a pandemic (still!)
  8. Mug because they are useful and can hold more than just coffee and tea
  9. Cash just incase a bill might be a little too high and you would like to contribute 
  10. A day off (mostly for employers) because after working hard all year, everyone deserves to have this in which they can spend however they’d like

Ultimately, even though it is the “most wonderful time of the year” the holidays can be very stressful and giving gifts should not have to add onto that stress. In a lot of cases the gift that many people, not just millennials prefer is just having someone be there for them whether that be just spending time together or just simply reaching out. I hope everyone that takes the time to read this has an amazing holiday and gets to spend it however, with whoever they would like.