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 Where Can I Find Inexpensive Legal Assistance?

Hiring an attorney is often the only reliable way of navigating the legal system. Unfortunately, an attorney’s help can carry quite the price tag. For those of limited means who need legal assistance, the financial stress can add to the inherent stress associated with navigating the law. Fortunately, as explained by a highly regarded Arlington Law Firm  – there are various ways of finding legal assistance without breaking the bank.

Legal Assistance Resources

While it is common knowledge that low-income criminal defendants are entitled to government provided legal assistance via public defenders, there are relief avenues for those in need of civil assistance as well. There are nonprofits such as the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) which provide legal assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. The most local LSC-funded organization is Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, which serves 114 counties in the state’s northern and western regions and assists with issues ranging from family law to public benefits to bankruptcy. 

Their Fort Worth Office can be reached at (817) 336-3943 and their Dallas Office can be reached at (214) 748-1234. 

Finding & Researching Lawyers

However, for those who are not interested in or ineligible for Legal Aid, there is always good, old-fashioned price-shopping. Websites such as and provide convenient ways to browse local attorneys. The State Bar of Texas also has a Find a Lawyer service that is easily accessible through their website. When considering hiring an attorney, price is an important thing to take into consideration, but it is best to also consider past reviews, experience in any given practice area, and standing with the Bar. 

Even for those who are set on the most inexpensive way of navigating the legal system – pro se representation, or presenting yourself in court without a lawyer’s representation, it is still possible to contract an attorney’s assistance. Some firms, including the Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC , offer paid legal consultations. During these sessions, the attorney can help you with your case – inform you of your rights and options, strategize with you, and offer valuable legal advice.

Limited Scope Representation

For those with more specific needs, there is also the option of limited scope representation, wherein an attorney agrees to handle only a specific part of a legal matter. For instance, an attorney can agree to help draft your divorce decree or name change petition, but would not provide any services outside of that. This provides a much more affordable alternative to traditional representation, potentially saving thousands of dollars while ensuring that people still have access to some level of professional input.